We have a new home!

December 17, 2014

KeysWell it’s been a minute. As of today, I have internet again, which means (yay!) I can start posting here more, among other things. Also, check out those keys! We moved in to our new place! Which has also been taking up some of our freetime. Or all of it.

We have made some progress- we have purchased almost all necessary furniture and only need a couple of appliances at this point (washer/dryer, television). This apartment is seriously amazing! The ceilings are so tall, the wide-planked wood floors are so beautiful and it’s really comfy and, mostly, it’s ours. And in Paris. I feel incredibly lucky!

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We made the obligatory trip to Ikea and managed to get out unscathed. Does anyone else always defer to that episode of 30 Rock where Liz Lemon and Criss Chros plan their doomed trip to Ikea and attempt to make a pact NOT to fight while they are there? One of my favorite episodes. And so true! What is it about Ikea that is rage-inducing?! Still, Connor and I did really well – no fighting – and we got everything we needed (almost) within budget.  Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetColin is getting used to his room, although he seemed to take to it pretty quickly. I think he was happy to be back in his bed that he was used to. He had been sleeping in a Pack-and-Play for 2 months.

There is so much beautiful light in this apartment. And I love seeing how our stuff looks here – the things we brought with us look totally different to me!

As soon as the holiday season ends and we are settled into our place, I have a few DIY’s in mind that I can’t wait to execute/share. Until then, hope you all have wonderful holidays and I can’t wait to touch base with you again soon…



Our New Place: Mapping Out the Living Room

December 1, 2014


Our new apartment has one, big rectangular room that will double as both our dining area and our living space. The apartment is about 86 square meters (which is roughly 925 square feet, give or take), which is about the same size (only a tiny bit smaller than) as our home in Tulsa was. Much like our home in Tulsa, I think we will spend the majority of our time in the living room- it’ll be Colin’s play space, our “office” and an area for us to relax and entertain in. That’s asking a lot of one room. So I want to do right by it and pick the right stuff!

Connor and I decided before we moved here to continue our thrifty lifestyle. We chose in favor of saving and spending money on travel vs having super expensive furniture. Don’t get me wrong- it’s super tempting to buy nice things here- there is so much to choose from!! But having an infant and a desire to see the world trumps those temptations. We did, however decide to invest in one nice piece of furniture, one that we can carry with us from house to house through the years and have forever! More on that in a later post!

Anyway- we picked a few things from Ikea as well as a couple of stores here that my friend recommended to me that I quickly fell in love with – Muji and Habitat. I chose my normal gray and black and wood- I tried to mix it up with some brighter pastels and earth tones- what do you think? Suggestions? Love it? Hate it?

Our new apartment in Paris!

November 28, 2014


Welcome, you guys! It finally happened. We found an apartment in Paris. In one day, we viewed 9 apartments, which considering the fact that trolling Craigslist Paris apartments online has been a long time hobby of mine, was a dream come true. All but two of them were so beautiful and perfect. But this one – this one was just right. Sorry in advance for the iPhone photos – it is just easier right now. I actually carried my DSLR with me to take photos, but only had my 50 mm lens which didn’t capture the full scale of the room quite the way I wanted to, so I went with the iPhone instead. IMG_1761.JPGOne thing I wasn’t privy to before moving to Paris is how “unfurnished” doesn’t necessarily mean “without furniture” – it also means “without anything in the kitchen” and “without light fixtures”, and “you are now out of another 2000 or 3000€” No thank you . My friend tells me that up until a few years ago, it was almost completely likely that you would have to completely outfit your kitchen with cabinets, a sink, a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and stove top. And the washer/dryer situation is almost always on you. And this is just as a renter! I wanted a super baseline, very classic French apartment that had only a sink in the kitchen, meaning we would have had to overhaul the entire kitchen. Plus, the apartment of my dreams was about 300€ more per month than our budget. When we walked into this apartment, it was almost immediately clear that this was the one. It had the old French style that I had been dreaming of with all of the modern updates. It is in a quiet neighborhood in the 16th arrondissement, just a couple of miles from all the fun stuff but juuuuust far enough away to satiate my ever growing need for peace and quiet. Don’t get me wrong – we are city people! We just don’t need to live in the thick of it anymore. Being comfortably right outside of it suits us better. Above is the main living space. The room can be closed off by two large French doors. Fire Place One side of the living space has this ornamental fireplace. What do you do with a faux fire place? Candles? Fondue pot? “Hang in there, baby” cat poster? I am open to suggestions. HallwayThis is the hallway that you walk into – our front door is to the left, and the two doors directly in front are large storage closets/coat closet. Which is perfect! Another plus of this apartment is the built in storage! IMG_1763.JPGTurning the other direction this is the other end of the hall. I’m thinking that blank wall needs a bench or a large floor dressing mirror. MasterThis is our master bedroom. Pretty small, but I would live in a box if it had these chevron floors. IMG_1766.JPGThis is our built in bedroom closet. It has really nice gliding drawers and plenty of space to hang. Colin's RoomBedroom deaux (sorry) is directly next door to the master and has an en suite. This will be perfect as a nursery/guest room (we already found the perfect pull out couch from a really awesome store here called Muji - minimalism at its finest!) IMG_1770.JPG IMG_1771.JPGHere is our kitchen – which is completely outfitted with an “American sized” refrigerator, which is to say it is larger than most we have seen here, a stove top, an oven, a built in microwave oven and a dishwasher. The only appliance we will have to buy is a washer/dryer, which my sweet friend Susan will be selling to us when she moves in a couple of months. Added bonus – ample counter and cabinet space! This kitchen is perfect! Not sure what to do about all that exposed plumbing (??), but I think that’s where I will get to be clever…(<–see what I did there?) IMG_1769.JPGThe bathroom has a large tub with a his and hers sink and a walk in shower! So luxerious! Trust me when I say this is by the nicest bathroom situation I have ever had. I am used to timing my showers in the winter and old, stained porcelain tubs with crappy fixtures that spray in all different directions. THIS is living, you guys! IMG_1781.JPGYou can see in other photos that all of the doors have these old handles and locks on them – I think they are so beautiful! It preserves a little of the history of the apartment. Not pictured is the gorgeous entryway, foyer and staircase leading up to our doors. This building is a gem and I CANNOT WAIT to get into it! I am, obviously, sooooo excited about filling it with furniture and decorating it. Connor picked out this amazing couch and we are trying to find the perfect chairs to go with it. I still can’t believe I get to live here. Every day is like a dream – I feel so, so fortunate to get the opportunity to live in such a gorgeous city, and as soon as I can get it together I would love to do a post about all of the things I’ve learned about life here for anyone planning to visit or move to this part of the world. More later!

Greetings from Paris!

November 9, 2014

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I feel obliged to begin this post with: Bonjour! Greetings from Paris, France, our new home for the next couple of years! It has been a whirlwind to say the least – we flew direct from Houston, which was great save for the teething 6 month old part. That little element has been a not-so-fun challenge during the first part of our stay here. But it’s all good – adds a little spice to life! We had our inaugeral meal with one of my best friends who lives here – Susan, at a little bistro literally around the corner from our temporary housing. It was fantastic. She greeted us at our hotel apartment with two bottles of champagne and we each ordered a tasting menu at dinner. It was so yummy and fun to test what little French I know at dinner.

The last few days have been a blur of short sleeping stints and metro rides and hangouts with Susan and a little site seeing and LOTS of walking. This post will be short and sweet because things have not slowed down enough to really sit and write but I at least wanted to share a few iPhone photos! I still haven’t taken my “real” camera for a spin – but rest assured you will be photobombed when I do.

Here are some photos from the last few days – a view from our temporary housing in La Defense, which is sort of the corporate part of town where Connor’s office is stationed//We have been taking the metro and trying to learn how all the lines connect// Susan has a beautiful apartment with chevron flooring// Connor being a Parisian dad <3// Our little site seeing adventure to the Louvre yesterday.

I can’t wait to share more. I keep walking around with my jaw open and thinking “Is this really happening?”


It’s been great, Tulsa!

October 23, 2014


The rose vine outside of our house in Tulsa.

If you have been wondering why it’s been so quiet around here, it’s because our little family has been preparing for a huge move overseas. We got word about 3 months ago that my husband’s job is relocating us to Paris, France! We are, obviously, super excited! We knew when we moved here that it would be temporary, but I never expected to become so attached to this little city in the middle of America. 2 weeks ago, we packed up the rest of our house in Tulsa and watched as all of our (remaining) things were loaded onto a moving truck. Things were so busy and chaotic that day that I didn’t have time to really let it sink in that this was really happening. That when I drove out of Tulsa that evening, that was it. We made some really amazing friends in Tulsa that we will miss so much. There are also some favorite places we will miss. I wanted to take a minute to share a few of my favorite things/places in Tulsa.


The Tavern – This has been our favorite restaurant in Tulsa. The food is locally sourced (mostly), and the dessert chef makes the best peach cobbler and baguette I have ever had. Also, the burger. I worked here for a few months when we first moved to Tulsa and I loved it.

Collages1Hodges Bend – Tulsa’s premier coffee/cocktail bar. We used to have our Friday happy hour dates here, and we were able to continue them throughout my pregnancy because they serve delicious ginger beer and mocktails.  Connor and I have had many life-planning conversations here.

Collages2Retro Den – Oh man! My heart! This is by far my favorite Tulsa business. I bought several vintage pieces from Retro Den over the past almost 3 years, and finally got the nerve to talk to the new owners, Ashley & Ashley one day. We have been friends since and I am so happy that I got the chance to know them!


Bison & Bear - another Tulsa favorite. B&B specializes in selling mens and womens clothing, outdoor gear, vintage finds, skin care products, coffee supplies, locally made goods and so much more.

Collages5 Collages6

Downtown Tulsa Architecture – Tulsa boasts some of the most beautiful and well kept Art Deco buildings in the country. TFA offers monthly walking tours downtown where you can learn all about the history behind Tulsa’s downtown architecture.

Collages7Dwelling Spaces – another downtown gift shop that sells locally made art from clothing and jewelry to music and screenprinted art.


First Ward Studio – A new edition to Tulsa founded by two native Tulsans who returned after living in New York and Austin to root back down and open their own hair salon in a historical loft in the Blue Dome district. I love the vibe here!

Collages9And ofcourse, our house! We have a lot of memories here, specifically bringing home our newborn son to this house and starting the first  5 months of his life here. It was the perfect, 1050 sq ft space for us at this time in our lives, and we will always cherish it!

Tulsa, thank you for being so welcoming to us over the last 3 years. We have loved getting to know you and all you have to offer.

We are getting ready to fly to our new home in about 2 weeks! In the interim, we are in my hometown of Houston for the rest of October, enjoying some family and friend time before we hop over the pond. We cannot wait to start our new life in Paris, but we are enjoying getting to spend quality time with some very special people until then. As soon as we get settled, I will share more about our move and our new life over there. And, most importantly, finding and decorating an apartment in Paris! Needless to say I am beyond excited about it!!!!!