Help me choose a color to paint my bedroom!

February 18, 2016

Which Colour Should Katy Paint Her Room  — Farrow   Ball   Apartment Therapy

I partnered up with Farrow & Ball and Apartment Therapy to choose a new paint color for my bedroom. And the fun part is, that you can help me choose! I narrowed down my choices to four colors from F&B’s new color collection, and the color with the most votes wins – no questions asked!

To vote, click here. Thanks!


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Make: Leather Barrette

February 5, 2016

Leather Barrette-2Over the holidays I was out shopping for gifts when I came across this really simple, leather barrette. It wasn’t super expensive (about $25), but I was trying to stay on track to buy gifts for the people on my list, not myself (it’s a slippery slope).

I went back after the holidays to the same store, and of course, that pretty leather barrette was nowhere to be found. Of course. It was such a little thing – why didn’t I just buy it when I had the chance. One thing about shopping in Paris that I’ve learned over the past year is when you see it and you want it – buy it. Because it may not be there again. Ever.

Leather Barrette-3

This posed a problem with a simple solution- make one! I happened to have all of the makings of a leather barrette right at home: some old, leftover hyde from another project, some Snap Clip barrettes and, my very favorite lazy-DIYer tool – the hot glue gun.

Leather Barrette-4

The process is simple really – no need to get too technical. Just cut the leather around the clip to measure, and cut a rectangle as neatly as you can (I guess if you really wanna be a perfectionist, grab a ruler, a pen and an Exacto Knife or leather knife. You do you.).

Leather Barrette-5Then use your hot glue (or fabric glue, if you think it will bond to the metal. Or old chewing gum. Whatever works!) and adhere the hyde to the barrette.

Leather Barrette-6

Leather Barrette-1I like it. Simple and different and much better than that unsightly rubber band I’ve been using to tie my hair back lately.

Stay tuned for more fashion here on The Clever Bunny. I realized over the holidays that so many of my clothes are the same – I keep buying different versions of the same pieces every time I shop, mostly boxy cut tops and drapey blouses. As part of my New Year’s Resolution I decided to make an effort to use this fancy new sewing machine to master making those simple items I am drawn to. I mean, it can’t be that hard, right???? RIGHT?!

Monet’s Gardens in Giverny

September 27, 2015

Monet's GardensHello! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to share these photos. My mom came to Paris for 3 weeks back in the Spring, and this one of our adventures we had together. We hopped on a train from Paris to Giverny to see Claude Monet’s gardens behind his home there. It was a warm, spring day, and the whole experience was pretty magical.

Mom's Trip to Paris-7 Mom's Trip to Paris-12 Mom's Trip to Paris-18It was impossible to get a photo without other tourists in the shot, especially from this part of the garden. I had to take it really quickly before someone else hopped in front of me.

Mom's Trip to Paris-24 Mom's Trip to Paris-27 Mom's Trip to Paris-28All these flowers were so much more beautiful in person. Occasionally, I feel like no photo could do justice to the real thing, and this was definitely one of those times. It didn’t stop me, though!

Mom's Trip to Paris-34 Mom's Trip to Paris-58 Mom's Trip to Paris-43Our favorite part was the aqua gardens. My mom and I both shed a few tears – it was so moving and has been a dream of my mother’s to see this place. To get to do it together, with my sweet baby sleeping in his stroller, was pretty much the best.

Mom's Trip to Paris-65 Mom's Trip to Paris-62It was such a great trip!


Check our Marina and Seb’s House on Apartment Therapy

August 31, 2015

untitled-59 We spent a month in my hometown of Houston, Texas in August. We returned to Paris on Saturday and my way of battling jet lag has been to relive the month via photos that I took for several Apartment Therapy home tours I shot while there. It was so great to get to shoot my friends homes, as well as a couple of people I didn’t know prior to photographing their homes. Marina & Sebastiano are recent transplants to Houston from NYC. They were used to limited space when they lived in New York, so purchasing a home in Houston meant a whole lot of firsts, including furnishing a 2 bedroom house in the historic Heights neighborhood close to downtown Houston. In my early 20’s I worked in the Heights. I used to ride my bike to work and wind through the neighborhoods to get off of the busy streets and admire all of the early 20th century craftsman houses. A lot of homeowners in this neighborhood are tearing down and rebulding more modern style homes (which I also like), so it’s nice to see that some people are preserving the history of this neighborhood with modern, innovative remodels. Check out the full home tour, survey and resource list over at Apartment Therapy! untitled-67 untitled-19

My new gig at Apartment Therapy!

July 30, 2015

Libby   Tim’s Natural   Glamorous Parisian Flat — House Tour   Apartment TherapyWell hello! Things have come to screeching halt around here and here’s why: I have a new gig working over at Apartment Therapy! AT has been one of my favorite home and lifestyle blogs for years, suffice to say, I am VERY excited to be joining their team as a home tour contributor.

My first post was published two days ago. My new and very gracious friends Tim and Libby allowed me to shoot their beautiful Parisian apartment and I am so excited that I get to share it with all of you!

Hop on over to Apartment Therapy and check out the post. I will keep you updated on the home tours I will be contributing in the future.

I’ll be travelling back to the states (to Houston and Austin, Texas) for the month of August, so I will be doing some home tours there as well. When I return to Paris, I have a few more European home tours lined up.