April 24, 2012

Hello little bunnies. Thank you for visiting The Clever Bunny!

My name is Katy. This is me:

You have found this blog because:
a.) You are my friend and I made you
b.) You have a weird obsession with rabbits or
c.) You are a crafty, clever little bunny like me.

If you are in the “b” category, I am sorry to disappoint you. The content of this blog will deal only with metaphorical bunnies in the “clever” category (think Bugs Bunny, for example). You won’t find a whole lot of information on bunnies, or rabbits for that matter, on this blog. So, sorry.

If you are in the “c” category, then I am happy we have found each other. I just recently relocated from my hometown of Houston, Texas to Tulsa, Oklahoma. My husband and I moved from a one bedroom apartment to a house with three bedrooms. I was excited to take on the challenge of decorating, but I had no idea of the amount of obsessing, sweating, creating and crafting that would entail in order to do so. In the last two months, I have been to 28 thrift stores in the Tulsa area, have spent about 200 hours on countless design blogs, and have arranged, rearranged and re-rearranged virtually every item in my house.

Oh, and the spray paint. I am actually sneezing all the colors of the rainbow at this point.

I should mention that I am on a budget. Having relocated to Tulsa for my husband’s job, I had to give mine up. And while decorating a new home and not having a hefty income may seem like two opposing ideas, I am here to show you that they aren’t!

Along with DIY design, you will find lots of other fun projects I have gotten myself into.

I hope you enjoy =)


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