Hang in there, baby!

April 25, 2012

Guys, ever since I was little, I have loved necklaces. Case and point:


Yup. That little Native American necklace went with every outfit. I loved the way it felt, the colors, the sturdiness of it. Unfortunately, I have never had what you would call an organized nature. I threw that thing around like it was made of steel. It eventually broke, and I am still utterly traumatized by the memory of the beads flying everywhere. If only I had had somewhere safe to keep it…

With age comes wisdom. After having collected some very special necklaces over the years, I became devoted to finding a clever way to hang my jewelry. Some of it goes in a generic pocket organizer that hangs in my closet. But the really pretty, special pieces get to be a part of my bedroom decor:


This was a very simple project. You really only need 5 items to make this beautiful jewelry hanger:

1.) Hooks (I found these at Ikea for about $2 a piece)

2.) A wooden plaque. I found mine at Michael’s for about $4. They have them in different shapes and sizes, so you can get creative here.


3.) Spray paint. Ooooh how I love you. I chose white, simply because that is the theme I have going in my bedroom. $2.89


4.) Screws. Just screws.

5.) A screwdriver or, if you are like me and need all the help you can get, a drill.

Have fun crafting!


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