When Ambition comes to Fruition, Pt 2!

April 25, 2012

Henri Matisse once said “I don’t paint things. I only paint the difference between things”.
I like his simplification of art. While the question “What is art” has been asked since the beginning of time, my answer is this:

What ever you want it to be.

I wouldn’t DARE call my current project “art”, as much as I would a replication of someone else’s. Still, it looks pretty cool hanging on my wall =)

So if you are religiously following this blog (as you should), you know that I started a project this week where I wanted to make some art for my bare walls, specifically something along the lines of this minimalist design:


Well, done and done! It took me most of yesterday, part of the evening and a few minutes this morning, but I think the end result is as close to what I wanted as it can be:


Since this test run went so well, I have decided to do a series for my office! I will post more on that later. For now, here is how I made this piece:

After getting all materials together, I taped the canvas diagonally with painter’s tape.

Next, I taped one side off with a drop cloth. This way, I could be sure that the two colors I chose would not bleed through.


After that, I started spray painting. I chose the lighter color (in this case, a baby blue) in case it bled anywhere. Then, it was time to dry.


Once the paint dried (about 20 mins), I repeated the same thing on the other side, this time with the orange spray paint.


Then we wait…


When I woke up this morning, I had this!

Pretty compelling stuff, huh? Really, this is just another cheap and easy way to feign any REAL art collection, but it works for now. And at least I can say it is an original piece =)

*PS- I feel obligated to remind you to cover your face with a mask when using spray paint. I learned this the hard way after one very woozy afternoon…

Happy painting!


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