Build a Room!

April 30, 2012

After almost 3 months of living in Tulsa, the first part of Operation Decoration is almost complete, meaning that I have the basic design and function of each room down. Except for one.

One of the rooms I love the most in this house is our little sun room that sits in the back of the house right in between the kitchen and our garage. It has ample windows and french doors that open up to a sweet little deck (which is another project on its own). Connor and I have had several philosophical conversations (and by philosophical, I mean we sit across from each other staring blankly out of sheer confusion as to what to do with this room) about what to do with this room. We already have a dining room, so another dining table would be slightly redundant.  So, the question remains; What to do with a sun room?

I have settled on making it a reading room/breakfast area. The lighting in this space is amazing, so I can see enjoying my morning coffee as I sit on my (Connor’s) iPad reading (looking at pictures online).

I was once told to decorate with accessories AFTER you have the basic design function of the room mapped out. Well, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Here is how I’m gonna do this:

I am going to Build A Room, piece by piece. As I have mentioned before, I am on a budget, so the completion of this room will depend on both my vigor and motivation to hit up every thrift store in Tulsa. As I collect pieces for this room, I will post each time, sharing with you the (eventual) evolution of what is sure to be my new favorite space in this house.

Feel free to throw in your two cents! Advice or opinions are always welcome.



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