Collar me Happy!

April 30, 2012

Hello everyone! I hope your Monday Morning Life Hangover isn’t too bad. We had a great weekend here at the Cartland household…lots of bike building, Facetiming with friends back home, cooking and, of course, a little bit of this:

Yummm…is 11:15 too early to crack one of these open?

Aside from all the booze, I actually managed to finish a *test run* of a little project I got myself into a few weeks back.

I have been seeing Detachable Collars all over the place lately.

I love this idea for 3 reasons:

1.) I am horrible at layering. Anytime I try the ole collared-shirt-under-a-sweater thing, I end up looking like I’m smuggling bubble wrap. On top of the that, the constant adjusting and static that occurs between the two fabrics drives me BONKERS!
2.) I inherited my family’s “Barrel Ribs”, which means my rib cage doesn’t taper much under my bust line. This makes finding button up shirts that fit me properly almost impossible.
3.) There is nothing more classic than this sweet style.

For my test run, I chose to keep the back of the collar open and sewed a couple of pieces of ribbon on each end so that I could adjust it as needed. For my next go around, I will try one of these ways:

Elleven Objects neon leather collar, $225

Detachable Collars by Ulala on Etsy,

So here is my first attempt at making one.

First, I had to find a cheap shirt. I thought this would be a no brainer- with as many thrift stores as I visit in a week, I thought for sure I would find ten blouses with perfect collars. It turns out I will have to do a little more hunting than I thought – I did, however, find this black pajama shirt with a piped collar. The fabric was nice and heavy, so I figured it would be a good place to start.

$2.50 on sale at Salvation Army

Next, I cut the collar off of the shirt, all the way around the circumference of the neck:

Next, I cut the collar in half.

Then, I cleaned up the look of each piece by tucking the frayed ends under and sewing them down:

Then, I sewed the two pieces of the collar together at the front, giving it a buttoned-up look.

Next, I sewed an old button on top of the stitch in front.

Finally, I sewed a piece of ribbon to each end of the collar. The end result was this cute little necklace/collar:

Loving it! Now that I have a little confidence in my sewing skills, I will attempt to get a little more creative on the next one. I am thinking leopard print and bedazzled jewels! What do we think?


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