Let’s talk about (in)Sects, baby: More fun with Plants.

May 3, 2012

Guys, I am giving you view of a very intimate part of my life. A part that is a manifestation of my deep need  to have a baby to get a puppy. Right now, a puppy is not feasible. So in place of a warm, barking, Dorito-smelling-paws cutie, I have packed my house with plants. At least 25, but I have lost count.

This blog post spawned from my previous one, Build-A-Room Pt. 1. (Bet ya didn’t know blog posts could procreate, didya?)

I have found in the last few months that when a room lacks, in any way, Put a Plant in It! Kind of like this, only with plants:

Anyway, I wanted to share with you a few of my plant babies  friends errr… plants… that I have used as decoration throughout my house. And I am neither confirming or denying that I have named each one. If I WAS to name them, though, this Chalk Rose succulent would be named Blanca. IF.

I took Blanca this plant and paired it with a milk glass vase I found at a thrift store (which there is an exorbitant amount of, if you’re into that sort of thing).

Here is another favorite of mine, named Robert Plant although I am not sure what kind it is.

Lastly, here is our coffee table, which still needs refinishing, but I kind of like the way the raw wood and green play against each other, so, we’ll see.

The one thing you NEED TO KNOW WHEN DECORATING WITH PLANTS, the thing that Real Simple won’t tell you, is that you will have bugs in your house. For days. Especially this time of year, because spring is the genesis for species unknown to man. So be careful and prepared to use a fly swatter.

Ok. So my next post will have nothing to do with spray paint or plants. I promise. But don’t take that to mean you won’t hear more about these in the future.

Until then, I’m going to try to give these plants all of my love…

More later,


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