Build-A-Room, Step 2!

May 6, 2012

Dudes, (<–experimenting with salutations. Eh?) I had such an AMAZING day today! I started the day off with pancakes, so, there’s that. But mostly, I had such great luck at the thrift stores. I found some really awesome items for my sun room. I decided that first, I would need to address the french doors in this room. I wanted something that would illuminate them while also provide a little bit of privacy when needed. My answer? White crinkled curtains. They are PERFECT. They bring more light into this room, which I didn’t think was possible. And even when they are closed, I can make out the obscure green silhouette of the tree that sits in the back of the house.

I love to watch these lightweight sheers billow like smoke from the door frame when I open the french doors:

Remember that old saying, “A clean room is a happy room”? I think it’s a room with white curtains. 🙂

I will be adding another piece to this room tomorrow so, check back!


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