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May 7, 2012

Guys, some days you just need some inspiration, something to remind that there were great times behind you and even better times ahead of you. I’m having one of those days. The job search in my new city has proved to be a lot more of search than I had anticipated. After sending out a hundred resumes, a girl can only take so much theoretical rejection before she starts to ask herself, “What am I doing wrong?”

Usually, retail therapy would be a great solution, but that’s the problem with unemployment: the paper isn’t stacking!

I know, boo hoo, right? My problem is a problem that8.1% of Americans are dealing with, according to the US Government.

So at times like these, when I have exhausted my resources for the day, I like to take a stroll down memory lane. Looking at photos from the past, of trips and parties and fun things I have done is a great (and free!) way to escape the tedious now. Also, I am drawing design inspirations from some of these photos. So, bonus.

Alaska, last summer. We visited an old abandoned gold mine and this was the view from one of the hills. I can still smell the fresh Alaska air!

One of the Marina City Towers in Chicago. Very sixties. We had fun that day watching the bridges go up as the boats went by.

Another building in Chicago on Michigan Ave. I love the geometry of it.

This shot is from a wedding at a nursery in Indian, Alaska. It rained a little that day but it was absolutely perfect.

Another Chicago photo. This was one of the better dinners I’ve had in a long time. Avec Restaurant. I’m sure it helped that a friend I was traveling with is a sommelier. Here is what the inside of the Avec looks like:

The restaurant interior is floor to ceiling (literally) wood. Can I just live in here, please?

The exterior of a building in Soho, New York City. I dream about New York pretty much once a week.

A friend and I fixing up some antique window frames at the (now open!) bar of one of our best friends. Double Trouble Caffeine and Cocktails, Houston, Texas.

Ok. I’m gonna pull myself up by the bootstraps and start all over again tomorrow, sans self pity. And besides, there is A LOT to be excited about. M new sun room being one of them 😉

And speaking of boots and things to be excited about, check out this thrift store find from Saturday:

See! Things are looking up!


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