The Ultimate Wedding: Marfa, Texas

May 11, 2012

I’m going to categorize this as an “Inspiration” post, because, no, I’m not getting married. That already happened. But my friend Nikou is and I have had a blast trying to find fun DIY wedding ideas for her. So much fun, in fact, that I wanted to share them with all of you, in case you or someone you know is in the throws of wedding planning. Also, I wanted to share this AMAZING deal with you (see that poster above? Yeah, that one). This is the same company that did my wedding invitations, and we loved them. I can still remember with fondness the countless hours I spent tying each envelope with a perfect raffia bow. And don’t worry if you aren’t in the same city as this Houston-based company; they do business in 30 states within the U.S. This special is running through the entire month of May. So get on it.

Ok, so on to Nikou. Nikou is engaged to Travis McCarra, and this is how he proposed to her:

Nikou and Travis fell in love with El Pez, a Spanish graffiti artist, while traveling in Barcelona. With the help of artist friend, Dual, Travis wheat pasted these El Pez fishies on the front of an old abandoned building near Downtown Houston,  knowing that during a casual drive, Nikou would see them and ask him to pull over to take a photo. He also added a QR code in between the fishies that, when scanned with an iPhone, would read “Nikou, will you marry me”, or at least, something to that affect.

That Travis is one clever little bunny =)

So, Nikou said “yes” (who could say no to that?), and now this super awesome couple is set to marry in Marfa, Texas this coming fall. If you haven’t heard of Marfa, it is somewhat of a mecca for modern art and minimalism, located out in very West Texas. There are also the mysterious Marfa Lights that can be seen on a clear night.

Yesterday, I consulted with Nikou about locations, colors, ideas, etc. Connor’s and my wedding was completely DIY and on a Budget with a capital B. So I offered my assistance in finding some interesting (and inexpensive) wedding ideas. So be sure to see a few more posts related on this subject, as I will likely be making something fun for this wedding in the future.

Here are some inspirations for the perfect fall, Marfa wedding:

Yes, I, and presumably several others, will be wearing boots with my dress. It’s Marfa. It’s required.

And yes, there will air streams involved.

I’m loving this reclaimed wood idea for a centerpiece.

It’s hard to resist this kind of simplicity when it comes to flowers.

I imagine these hoops hanging from the trees or along the perimeter of the building outside. I love this idea.

Her tables are round, but GAAAAAAH the lights! So pretty…

I did these for my wedding and it ended up being one my favorite details.

You know how much I love my succulents.

Alternative bouquets are great for fall. Any time you put a ribbon on something, it looks pretty, don’t you think?

And most importantly, here is what I envision myself wearing to this wedding:


I will be back later with some fun around the house ideas, as well as a special bathroom post (that sounds ominous but it will be fun!)

Oh, and of course, congrats to Nikous and Travis! I am so excited for you both =)

More later,


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