Build-A-Room: My New Gold-Dipped Table

May 16, 2012

If you remember from yesterday, I found an amazing DIY project on Design Sponge, a gold-dipped end table:

(Photo courtesy of Design Sponge,

Well yesterday after work, I stopped by the Salvation Army across Peoria from my house and found this gem:

This table is solid wood and cost me $13.50. I’m not really a huge fan of french-style legs, but I loved the one on DS, so I went for it.

Here are some photos of the process:

First, get your materials. 1.) Electric sander (or sand paper, something with softer teeth) 2.) Spray paint primer 2.) 2 bottles of white spray paint 3.) 1 bottle of metallic gold spray paint 4.) Blue painter’s tape 5.) Safety gloves and mask 6.) Tequila 😉

Next, sand the table down until you see a glimpse of the raw wood underneath the finish. You don’t want to make the table too coarse because the paint won’t go on as evenly.

Then, prime the table. This sized table took exactly one can of spray-primer. It doesn’t have to be perfect at this stage but you want a nice even coat.

After about 20 mins, add 1 coat (again, 1 can for this sized table) of white spray paint. After another 20 mins or so, add 1 more coat.

And then we wait. 😉 You will want these two coats to dry thoroughly because you will be using tape to section off the legs. I waited a little over an hour.

After the paint is COMPLETELY DRY, measure the leg and tape off to the desired point where the gold will end and the white will begin. DS said to measure about 10 inches, so I stuck with that.

Then, give each leg a solid 2 to 3 coats of gold paint, gently covering the part of the leg above the tape with a cloth so that the spray doesn’t bleed.

And this is the result, a really cute side (or coffee) table for my sun room!

Thanks, Design Sponge! I plan on recreating more of your ideas soon! I kind of want to dip my White Tale deer racks in gold now…

Now if I could only find some chairs to go next to this table. Soon enough…

Check back for more on this room and some other projects!

More later,



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