DIY: Coiled Baskets with Neon Details.

May 23, 2012

Check out this fun coiled rope basket I made yesterday. I want to make a whole set of them, to use in my office and for my plants. It was super easy and I love the neon accents!

Here is the simple process:

I picked three different kinds of rope. There are tons to choose from at the hardware store. I bought some fun neon colored string from Michael’s – I picked neon green and pink one that has orange and light pink in it, too.

Start by coiling the rope in a snail like pattern. I used hot glue, but any kind of quick-drying adhesive should suffice.

Keep coiling the rope until you get a nice sized circle as a base for the basket. This is where you can get creative by choosing the size and shape of the basket. I went with a cylinder shape for mine, a little bigger than a can of beans.

Be sure to stack the rope on top of the last round that you coiled, so that the basket builds upward.

At any point, you can start wrapping the rope with your colored string. This is another creative area – feel free to go crazy with the string or keep in simple like I did. I think the basket would look amazing either way!

Keep wrapping…

When you are done wrapping to your desired point, bind off the string with some glue and then glue that part of the rope down. Continue coiling and repeat the string when ever you feel like it.

Once you have your basket at the height that you want it, bind the rope off by gluing it to the inside of itself. Then, trim all of the surplus string inside that is leftover from binding the string down.

And there you go!

I can’t wait to make more of these!!

I have some exciting news that includes a pretty funny story. Stay tuned for my next post…

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