Sew many things…(A Build-a-Room post)

May 24, 2012

Yes, I know that this is the second post where I used a sewing pun. If you can move past it, I will tell you all of the exciting things I have been up to all week!

First off, I scored these amazing chairs for my sun room:

These chairs have a funny story behind them. I will try to keep it short:

I found these exact chairs at Quality Thrift, a store that holds up to its name just across the highway from my house. When I saw them, I got that warm, fluttering feeling that I can only assume is the same type of euphoria that hallucinogens prescribe. I walked over the attendant and uttered something like “uuuugggh..chairs…mine”, and pointed frantically in their direction. She smiled politely and walked me over to my new chairs with a sales pad, lifted the tag and turned to me and said “I’m sorry, they are sold”. From there, things just went black.

I knew they would pop up somewhere. I wasn’t ready to give up, so the next week I scoured every thrift store in Tulsa to see if someone had consigned them. Nothing. Until a few days later. On good ole Craigslist, these chairs appeared, like a shining beacon of hope. I immediately emailed the owner, expressing my enthusiastic interest in buying them. I then told her that I had seen them at the thrift store, and that she had gotten to them before me. I asked her, politely, if she would be willing to take the price down. She politely denied. I figured this would be the end of me and the chairs. Until two weeks later.

The owner of the chairs contacted me and said that all of her interested parties had flaked on her (as MANY of the “interested buyers” that contact you on CL do), and that she was willing to go down in price. After a few texts, she told me that she is starting a furniture business, and I responded that I loved reworking vintage furniture. We started sharing photos. 2 days later, I went to snag my chairs, and meet a new friend.

After about an hour of chatting, I learned that the owner of these chairs was born in Houston, and coincidentally grew up only blocks from where I did. We went to the same high school. It turns out that she has an amazing eye for furniture and we decided to go to auction together next week!

The moral of the story is that I gained not only the chairs I obsessed over for almost a month but I also made a new friend here in Tulsa. Funny how things work out sometimes =)

Right now, I am elbow deep in fabric to make some awesome new pillows for my new chairs. I am also on the hunt for an additional couch for my living room, so I’m glad that I have lots of spare fabric for when I find the perfect sofa.

I found these pretty fabrics at the thrift store on Monday. In total, I paid roughly $13.50 for all of them. You can’t beat that.

I just got a yard of this off of eBay for cheap. When I opened the package today, I believe my words were, “Sweet mamma I’m home”, or something like that. =)

Until the next blog post, I will be working hard at making pillows and trying to finish the 50 projects I have started. Some of the things I have in the works are:

1.) Homemade cake pedestals
2.) A redux of an adorable MCM secretary book shelf
3.) ***Turning ugly old sweaters into fabulous pillows***

Until then, check out my first creation from last night:




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