DIY: Mid Century Modern Hutch Redo.

May 31, 2012

It would be redundant at this point to state how much I love digging for treasure at thrift stores. So I won’t say it (<— even though, I kinda did).

I found this cute little hutch at Community Thrift in Tulsa, for $19.19.

Again, would love to know how they decide on specific prices for items. It is curious to me, but under $20 will do, for sure.

This piece is made entirely of plywood and particle board, so it is not what you would call “sturdy”. Still, I needed something in my office to hold all of the crafting materials I inevitable bring home every day, so this piece had a lot of potential to serve as both fun and functional.Β 

See? It has this amazing “Secretary” element, so I can store all kinds of bobbles and do-dads up in there.


I deconstructed the piece a bit – sometimes you have to deconstruct to reconstruct, am I right?! Right…? Any way, after I took off the secretary part, I sand blasted the whole thing. I had to put on a mask because the paint that was coming off had an old, musty book smell. This thing is OLD. And old paint=lead, so I didn’t want to risk the possibility of inhaling tiny lead paint particles.

I sanded it down with a pretty rough grade sand paper until I could see the original plywood underneath all of the paint.

After sanding, I painted this beast of hutch. I initially bought two cans of Dove White spray paint but had to make 2 trips back to the store to buy more. By the last trip, I had spray paint, sweat and sheer frustration all over my face, so I can only imagine what the sweet employees at my local Ace Hardware were thinking…
In addition to (SEVERAL LAYERS of) Dove white, I chose a mint green and red/orange to accent the inside of the hutch. I thought the color combo would be light and whimsical.

And it was πŸ™‚ This little hutch not only complements my office, it serves as an excellent home for all my fabrics, sewing machine and countless tools I use to make things.

Little splashes of color can make all the difference when redoing a piece of furniture.

So cute.

Stay tuned for more on my next big project!! Oh, and special thanks to The Daily Quirk for giving The Clever Bunny some love. I am eternally flattered that a blog of this caliber would like what I do πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “DIY: Mid Century Modern Hutch Redo.

  1. Shirsha

    It’s a great makeover…I am not much of a crafter but whatever little supplies I have can just never stay organised! I store them (along with other papers / files and stuff) in a small cabinet right now and every time I open it, all the items come tumbling out! I need to get organised better…or better still, I need to win the lottery so that I can go buy a big house! πŸ™‚

    1. thecleverbunny

      Haha! I totally understand the need for more space. Sometimes we have to work with what we have. That’s the point of The Clever Bunny, to tap into our inner resourcefulness. If you ever have questions or want to share, I am all (bunny) ears!!! Thanks for reading!

      ~Katy, The Clever Bunny


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