DIY: Hungarian Shelves.

June 8, 2012

It’s funny how exhausting only 4 days of work can be after a fun weekend. My friends wore me out, in the best possibly way. And I am SO.HAPPY. that it’s Friday!! My Happy Friday photo was taken on my deck on the side of our house. I am hoping to one day cover that those rails completely with ivy. Until then, the view is pretty nice.

I know this makes me sound like a broken record, but I am ripe with ideas for projects I want to tackle, so I have a lot of material collecting, planning and time managing to do this weekend before my friend Cat comes to town on Sunday (YAY!). Plus, this whole job thing is getting in the way of my craftiness. But I guess that’s a story for the ages.

I wanted to share a quick project my Clever Bunny Husband did for us. We moved out of a house in Houston that had built-in book shelves, and into a house in Tulsa that had none. He found an awesome entry on that showed him how to build some awesome Hungarian Shelves.



It was SUPER CHEAP (which we are always a fan of!) and took about 6 or 7 hours to complete. This project would take longer if you decide to finish or paint the wood, but we liked the raw look of these.



Our book-storing problems were instantly solved!

Super impressive.

I like to organize my books by color. Some people (eh-um, Connor) find that a little impractical. But I love the way it looks! So I win =)

For the full post about how to make these shelves, click here:


I am on pins and needles (*wink*wink*) about my next post!!! Can’t wait to share more with you!


Have a wonderful and safe weekend <3


4 thoughts on “DIY: Hungarian Shelves.

    1. thecleverbunny

      Thank you! We loved those shelves, too – we took them down when we moved and don’t have room for them in our new place. But definitely one of my favorite DIYs that my husband has done =)


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