DIY: Stitched Chevron Necklace

June 25, 2012

I love making things. There is nothing more gratifying then starting with a group of materials and finishing with a solid product. Something you can hold in your hand or wear or look at and think “I made that”. Often times, the creations I make are inspired by others. Like the Stitched Chevron Necklace I made yesterday inspired by the genius bloggess who does A Beautiful Mess Blog (

I loved this project from the moment I spotted it because it combines two of my favorite things: Sewing and Accessorizing. After I did a mental inventory of all the things I could wear this piece with, I gathered my materials:

A lot of these materials were “laying around the house”, so to speak. I bought some colored string (each color cost $0.35!!) and some stitching fabric (the one with the big “pores” that you can see). In addition, I purchased some jump rings, a necklace chain and some clasps.

I went for soft neutrals, pastel and one bright color to make the necklace pop a little.

As you will see from a few future posts, I’m kind of obsessed with Chevron patterns right now. No wonder this project spoke to me! I sketched out the pattern on the fabric with a fine point sharpie and a ruler.

Then, I fit the center of the fabric into the stitching hoop.

Next, I began stitching, sewing each section of the pattern a different color of the string I bought. I changed the direction of the stitch for each section as well.


Once I finished stitching, I cut the shape out of the pattern. See where this is going? After that, I cleaned up the edges and added the jump rings, chain and clasps with needle nose pliers.

And there you go! Super cute necklace ready to wear.

It’s perfect with a tube top or under the color of a white button up shirt.

Thanks, A Beautiful Mess Blog for the inspiration!

I have today off so I’ll be working away at finishing some fun projects.

More later,


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