How to Raise the Bar. And then Eat It.

July 20, 2012

I don’t know if the Tour de France is as big of a hit in your house as it is in mine, but to pay homage to the Tour de Take Up All of My DVR Memory, I wanted to offer a post to the greater purpose: Homemade Energy Bars, made by Superman himself, Connor Cartland.

Connor purchased this awesome book back in January, a book he had to wait almost 6 weeks to receive in the mail from over seas. A book written by Chef Bijou Thomas. Thomas was born in South India and learned to cook from his mother and grandmother by watching and listening in the kitchen. When he became an avid cyclist, he figured out a way to merge his love for cooking and his love for cycling into one solid cookbook, featuring not only healthy recipes for everyday life, but recipes that help to sustain and endure the high caloric spending of an active cyclist. Of course, you can include other athletes into this category, as the same principles can apply to many athletic diets.

Connor has been making his own nutrition bars for a couple of months now, and he takes them with him on rides in lieu of eating a candy or Clif bar for caloric intake. They are cheap, easy and require virtually no baking. Here is his latest bar, which is actually a variation of one of Thomas’ recipes. The process was simple, and I was following him around the kitchen to document:

First, he scrambled some eggs in a pan. Eggs are, of course, an excellent source of protein and also act as a binder for a nutrition bar.

Next, he mixed in some grated coconut in with the egg. (Sounds super weird but tastes super awesome).

Then came the raisins. Always a good nutrition bar staple. Anti-oxidants do a lot more than you think when you are expelling energy.

Next comes more protein and a good source of fat; crushed peanuts. Good thing we own a mag light.

After he added the peanuts, Connor through in the sticky rice, preferably sushi rice since it tends to “self adhere” more than other rice variations.

After mixing thoroughly, throw the concoction into a square or rectangular baking dish…

…and then flatten it with a spatula.

Once you let the mixture sit in the refrigerator over night, you can cut these squares out and wrap them individually.

For more information on The Feed Zone Cookbook, click here:


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