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August 14, 2012

Well hello, strangers! This Clever Bunny has been out of town a lot, hence the lack of posts lately. That doesn’t mean, however, that I haven’t been thinking about you, excited for the day that I actually have time to sit still and share with you all of the fun things I have been seeing. Even now, I am short on time, but couldn’t wait to show you some photos I took of my trips.

I went to Houston, Texas first (my home town), for the grand opening of one of my best friend’s business, a salon called Do or Dye Texas. I made the rounds while in Houston, breaking some sort of record for the amount of delicious food and friends I was able to eat and see(saw=friends, ate=food, just to be clear)! It was amazing fun. Next, I went to New Orleans (my mother’s birthplace) with Grace, the owner of Do or Dye, and about 7 other friends. Grace rented an amazing house near Frenchman street, and we walked ALL OVER. New Orleans was especially great for photo opportunities, and I got a few gems that I will be framing and hanging on my wall.

I took about 200 photos over 2 1/2 days, so I tried to narrow it down to my 15 favorites. Here are my picks:


I love horses. And the background of New Orleans-style buildings.


Yes. Another horse. I got to pet this one 😉


I have had dreams about owning a house with a wrap around balcony like this one.


This man introduced himself to me as Dr. Love. When I asked to take his photo, he opened his tall boy and then shook my hand.


This was taken at the St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square.


It doesn’t get more New Orleans-y than this guy. I love this photo so much. I wonder how he would feel to know that some stranger in Tulsa, Oklahoma has a photo of him hanging on their wall?


This little fellow seemed to be quite concerned with my group walking by. I couldn’t resist that face! Those beads! That t-shirt!


He was such a good boy. He sat in his basket on his owner’s bike at the Jimani, a little dive we dove into for a round of drinks and some snacks.


This was outside of the house we rented. It was a cloudy day.


I love this photo. Grace was twirling the umbrella around as we walked down the street.


I don’t even know.


I’m noticing a lot of animal photos. Could my subconscious be telling me something??

Sazerac. Carousel Bar, Hotel Monteleone.

I know it’s a brick with blue paint, but something about it charmed me. I love this picture.

I have a sad pile of crafts in the corner of my office that are screaming to be finished. I will be back later this week with some fun projects. I hope you enjoyed my photo journal entry!

More later,


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