A Super Quick and Easy DIY:

August 21, 2012

When you look around my house, you can see a pattern of taste: Lots of light, bright woods, muted greens and yellows, geometric patterns. While I am glad to be honing in on some specific style, I get a little bored with myself from time to time, and eventually, all of these cool pieces that I hand picked seem to blend together. Take, for example, this wooden bowl:

This is one of the rare Ikea purchases that has been with me for years. I have used it in several homes, and have never stopped loving it. The problem is, it matches our dining table a little too closely. I decided that to remedy this, I would spruce it up with some white chevron stripes.

All you need is some blue painter’s tape, scissors, and white paint. Just tape off the bowl in the chevron pattern. This is the part that takes the longest, since you have to tap into that part of your brain that understands geometry.

Then paint! I did two coats, but I left the lines pretty raw. I thought that the “my five year old neice painted this for me” look would add a little charm 🙂

And there ya go! It definitely gives our dining room a new focal point! Oh the Mighty Chevron. I just can’t quit you!

Check back later to see my latest upholstery project…

Have a great Tuesday!


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