Kerrisa Maddocks.

August 22, 2012


I spent my lunch hour today looking at home foreclosures in Tulsa that were for sale. I dreamed of buying one (several) and stripping the ugly carpet, nailing down hardwoods and gutting the kitchen. I dreamed of painting the walls stark white, while painting one special wall a neon accent. I dreamed of sheepskin rugs all over the house, and hand woven baskets adorning my Swedish-made Mid Century Modern credenza. Then, I imagined the bright double-pane picture windows I would install in the front of the house, and the deep banquet I would line with Moroccan style pillows.

As I sit and mentally build my dream home, there are real people actually doing it. In times of impatience, I constantly look to these people to inspire me to continue working hard on my goals. One of the persons I look up to in this way is my dear friend Kerrisa Maddocks.


Here is a photo of K and I a couple of years ago. We were on a bike ride that day. The weather was gorgeous, super sunny, and cool. We stopped to get a beer. She is the blonde babe on the left:

Through the years, Kerrisa has been a crafting touching stone for me, rallying behind and in front of several craft parties (Where we coined the term “Craft-mas” for the ultimate Christmas gift making parties…and…other unmentionable crafts. Eh-em.), has baked several thousand insanely delicious cookies (had my first chocolate chip-bacon cookie mouth explosion because of K-Dawg), drank hundreds of beers, cocktails and whiskeys (the good ole days), covered at least a thousand miles on our bicycles, and laughed so hard we peed a little at times. She is pretty great, and I love her lots. Kerrisa is having a little one, oh, literally ANY SECOND NOW, and true to form, she had her new son’s room all ready and waiting for him. I should mention that Kerrisa and her fiance Chad are both incredibly talented and creative folk, both photographers, artists, graphic designers, and crafters alike. Suffice to say, the baby’s room (and soon to be existence) was determined to be amazing. Here are some photos of Kerrisa’s finished nursery, straight from her blog:

Kerrisa is a vintage girl. I remember walking into her apartment in Austin, Texas for the first time and thinking “I.want.everything.Must.destroy.” But, after curbing my insane internal jealous rage, I realized what an amazing lady she was. And I decided to keep her <3 For the baby’s room, she and Chad chose a vintage owl and fox theme, something a la The Fantastic Mr. Fox if it was a movie that had been made in the late 1950’s. Truly adorable.

Kerrisa definitely has an eye for details. She always seems to know exactly where to put things. A characteristic this bunny does not yet employ.

Ooooooh that chair!!!! You would be surprised how comfortable a Herman Miller/Eames Shell chair can be. I’m sitting on an Eiffel Tower version of this chair as I type this. And I think it to be my favorite chair in my house.

I remember helping her move this piece when we moved her from Austin back to Houston a couple of years ago. I’m glad she kept it, because it is adorable and it serves more than the function of being cute…

You’ll be needing those soon!!!

Oh, that?? know, just a gift from your Aunt Katy, A.K.A., The Clever Bunny. Or should I say, The Clever Owl?? I found this night light on eBay for K. The bulbs are different colors, so when you turn the owl on, it shines a bright blue and red. I am she liked it enough to include it on her post!

Kerissa has a great eye for things. She found most of this stuff on eBay, thrift stores. She made the pillows with vintage fabric. The crib was her fiance’s when he was a baby. Every detail is utterly thoughtful and perfectly Kerrisa. I know her thoughtfulness and sensitivity to detail will make her the world’s greatest mommy. And Chad isn’t so bad, either. (He told me he has been making breakfast for her every morning since she has been pregnant. Who does that?!?! An amazing guy, that’s who!)

I’m so excited to meet that little one! Hey, Kerrisa…when Connor and I have a baby, will you come to Tulsa and help me decorate our nursery??

To check out more of Kerrisa Maddock’s amazing design and work, visit her blog at:



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