Another Houston Weekend.

August 28, 2012

Yes. That’s right. I went to Houston, Texas. Again! Twice in a month. It was a 60 hour trip, but I got a lot done in that window of time. I worked with my dad at The Houston Wedding Showcase. His company makes wedding invitations so we set up a booth. Huge success! I ate A LOT of Mexican food, went to my favorite spot, Double Trouble Caffeine and Cocktails ( owned by one of my favorite people, got to go to OKRA Bar, a new spot in historic downtown Houston where 100% of ALL PROCEEDS go to a different charity each month ( ) , ate at one of my favorite restaurants, went to TWO birthday parties that involved Karaoke, sang my heart out, laughed, slept for a few hours, and returned home. Whew! I am just now feeling normal again, but it was totally worth the exhaustion. Here are a few friend pics from the weekend:


My friend Grace, in a tiger mask at birthday party number 1. She makes one sexy tiger!


Lindsey and I sitting on the patio at Double Trouble. My favorite place to be!


My bestest besty Carlos and his beautiful wife Lauren. I love how the moon looked in the sky that night…




Carlos decided to get it down for her…




John was the birthday king. He shared the party with Courtney, whose lovely backyard we were in.


I will be back today with a project update. Some friends of ours had a baby last night, so the Clever Bunny is working hard to get their baby gift ready. Stay tuned!


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