DIY: Coffee Mug Storage Made Easy.

August 30, 2012

I have an addiction. To coffee mugs. I collect them from trips, garage sales, thrift stores. I am ESPECIALLY addicted to the coffee mugs Carole Smith of McCheeks Mayhem makes (there is a future post about her in the works, so stay tuned!) One of my favorite morning rituals is deciding which coffee cup to use.

The only problem is that we are running out of space for them. And, with our amazing new kitchen with ample shelving, my sweet little coffee mug collection must remain locked away, for no one to see. Luckily, my super smart husband came up with this simple solution: Why not use a peg board to hang them? Plus we had a little space next to the refrigerator that wasn’t being used, right above the microwave.

The best part about this project is that it was CHEAP. I mean, dirt cheap. I had all the materials except for the pegboard and hooks, which totaled to about $12 at Lowe’s. Here is the process:

Here was the sad little area before. I found this powder blue tea cart on Craig’s List a couple of months ago. I originally wanted to use it as a bar, but it didn’t quite work the way I wanted, so I decided it was better suited as a good ole fashioned microwave cart (and serving dish storage).

Here, we have our materials. One pegboard (buy the size that best suits your space), 20 hooks specifically designed for use on a pegboard. Spray paint (I chose white and powder blue, to match the cart and dishes. I wanted the area to have the look of one cohesive unit.) Not pictured, the tried and true blue painter’s tape.

First, I spray painted the pegboard white. I used about 1 to 2 cans, making sure to get nice even coverage. After the white paint dried, I taped off the pegboard into diagonal stripes. I did this free handed, which actually turned out great!

After you tape off the pegboard, make sure all the tape is completely stuck so that there won’t be any bleeding between the paint colors. Then spray paint the blue (or top color) on top.

Your board should look like this when you remove the tape. Make sure the paint is COMPLETELY DRY before removing.

I even went as far as to spray paint the hooks, just to give it coffee mugs a “floating” look.

Then, hang on the wall (using a 1X2 piece of wood so that the board is off the wall a little. This way you have room to hang the hooks in the peg holes), insert hooks where ever you like and hang your favorite mugs!



If one MUST have a microwave, one can at least make it pretty…

One of my favorite mugs and wedding gifts. Made by Carole Smith of McCheeks Mayhem.


8 thoughts on “DIY: Coffee Mug Storage Made Easy.

    1. thecleverbunny

      Thank you! Yes – I am ALL ABOUT decluttering~ and I love that this peg board gives me room to collect more mugs! All I have to do it buy more hooks and rearrange. Both fun and dangerous! Thanks for reading =)

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  3. Linda G

    I totally love what you did with your mugs. I could not part with my mugs, now I don’t have to.
    Thank you so much for sharing your idea.

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