Help, I’m Painting a Rug.

September 10, 2012

I have used all my emotional and intellectual energy in trying to figure out how to even START this project, that I didn’t have anything left to title this blog post. So excuse the dryness. But that’s where we are right now.

Ugh. So many choices. I bought a flat woven rug from Ikea, the ERSLEV Rug, to be exact:


Now, I’m sure you have all seen the countless Pinterest pins about rug painting that are all over the web lately. I fell in love with idea some time ago when I a.) realized how expensive a large rug is and b.) saw this post on Design Spongeย

So I have the rug, the tape, and the paint. My biggest road block right now is deciding what type of pattern to paint. Also, I am thinking I want to make it a double sided rug, so that I can switch things up every once in a while. So basically, I need two designs. I searched the internet last night for some inspiration. I need help deciding!!!




All photos c/o Urban Outfitters and West Elm.

I need some advice. Which two should I choose?! I would love some feedback – just leave the number(s) of the rugs that you like in the comments section.

Thanks for your help!





7 thoughts on “Help, I’m Painting a Rug.

  1. intecoolochoberord

    What a lovely project! I think the patterns on photo 1 and photo 2: rug 1-5 are just brilliant. Easy to combine with other structures, colours and patterns. But you will have to think of where you will put the rug and what to match it with. It doesn’t really matter what we readers think, we don’t know what you plan and what feeling you want to create in the room. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!

  2. tattylace

    Great project idea! I like 5 & 6. 5 certainly looks the easiest to achieve (my laziness influencing my decision here?? Looking forward to seeing the results in another post.


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