A (Sun)Day in the Life.

October 15, 2012

If everyday could be like today, I would have no worries, and the blood pressure of a newborn baby. We had stormy weather here in Tulsa last night, and like some sort of apology note from God, the weather was absolutely perfect today. Blue-skies-dry-breeze-i-already-hate-tomorrow kind of perfect. So in lieu of actually finishing a generous one out of the 20 things I wanted to check off of my list today, here is what I ACTUALLY did. Pancakes. LOTS of coffee. Shopping. Magazines. Beer. Magazines AND beer. Watching my hubby work on his bike. Watching the world go by. Listening to music while sitting on my porch for 2 hours. Playing with makeup. Feeling the sun on my face. Talking to my good friend back home and my mother via FaceTime. Anticipating the season premier of The Walking Dead. Enjoy. Because I did =)

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