DIY: Adding Studs to Boring Clothing.

January 14, 2013


It’s been a busy week. Readjusting to life NOT in Maui, i.e. having to go to work, jet lag, cooking dinners, trying to unpack our new house, decorate…but worst of all, having to wear ACTUAL SHOES. I miss the sandy beaches of Ka’anapali, HI, however I am super jacked to get this house in order. While I loved our last house here in Tulsa, our new one feels more like “home” – I love the layout, the colors on the walls, the light, the all white kitchen. The hubby and I have been working hard to get it put together so that soon I can post a home tour. Stay tuned.

Along with all of the joys of moving comes many unforeseen costs. So as you can imagine, I had to put a moratorium on shopping for clothes for a while. Which is hard for me. But also a good exercise in control (and a good opportunity to evaluate what I really want in a wardrobe instead of impulsively grabbing at trendy clothes like some kind of binging meth addict). When in Maui, I picked up these awesome little DIY Studs from a Pacific Sunwear near my condo:


As soon as I picked them up, my mind went directly to one particularly blah thrift store bag I bought over the summer:


I like this little bag because it kind of has a clutch feel but also has the option of carrying it as a handle bag or over the shoulder. Very versatile. AND, it has one of those pop-open metal hinges that some older bags have. I love those.

Aaaaanyway, it’s functional, just not that much fun. Enter the studs. And while I was at it, I decided to throw a few studs onto an L.L. Bean oxford button up that I found at Salvation Army a few months ago.


To apply the studs, I used Crazy Glue, but I used a new kind that that comes from a fine point pen like tube. It has a cap so you can reuse it and it doesn’t get all over the place like those little tubes of super glue usually do. With applying studs to fabric, it’s usually best to stick to fabric glue, but this works just fine, too. **I recommend dry cleaning any article of clothing you apply these studs to.

After playing with a few patterns, I started glueing. In the end, I was pretty pleased with the results:

StuddedBag-7 StuddedBag-8 StuddedBag-13 StuddedBag-14

Sweet. I saved myself a shopping trip and have a “new” shirt to wear to work tomorrow and new bag to take out with me this weekend.

Next up, a REEEEEEALLY exciting project…had to bring out the big guns for this one, a.k.a. my husband, Connor, because it involves power tools and spatial reasoning, both of which I have a hard time with =)

Here is a sneak peek…

StuddedBag-11K. That’s all for now.


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