Just a few things.

February 14, 2013

DSC_0608It’s been a busy, busy week. Had some of my best friends in town the weekend before last, and I travelled to Houston this past weekend to work the booth for my father’s company at The Houston Wedding Showcase (www.hamorprinting.com). Upon my return home, I attended a 3 day leadership conference for work here in Tulsa, where I took about 300 photos for our company website and newsletter, and attended several presentations. I. Am. Beat.
I can’t wait for this weekend. I have big plans to clean out my closet, finish a few unfinished projects for The Bunny, and snuzzle my honey. Check back later this week for a few fun things I added to the house. Here are few shots from the week:
photo-2 copy




In order:

-Working the showcase, look all profesh.
-One booth at the bridal showcase had these amazing looking petit fours.
-“Team-building” game night at the leadership conference. This game got super interesting later.
-It snowed last night in Tulsa! Just long enough to stick a little to the ground. I was pretty excited about it =)

I go to sleep now.



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