DIY: Art for the Home

February 16, 2013

OhHeyEdited1-20One of the things I love most about this house is the fireplace in the living room. It has a wide brim so there is ample room for decorative thing-a-ma-bobs. I wanted to add a little something to it, though. Nowadays, there are plenty of choices by way of homemade art and screen prints to hang over your mantel. However, I  wanted to steer clear of anything too “Keep Calm &…” , if you catch my drift. I wanted something a little more personalized.
That’s when I remembered something my husband has been saying to me since we first started dating. And after playing around with a few other words, I decided nothing else made me as happy as this phrase: “Oh. Hey.” – Connor says it kind of like, “oh. hey. I didn’t see you standing there…”. He would start a text or email with this phrase, or would sit down next to me on the couch and smile and say “oh. hey.”, as if by some accident he ended up sitting next to his wife on our only couch. It makes me laugh to this day, and fills my heart with the same warm fuzzies as it did way back then.

So I went to Michael’s and spent about $20 on a few supplies. I used a piece of poster board and a white frame that I already had in my hoard collection of craft supplies.


Simply spray paint the letters any color you want (I chose a metallic gold). I LOOOOOOOVE these typewriter font cardboard letters so much. Every time I can find them, I buy every single box. So now I have lots of these letters. And after this project, I will have officially used 5. The lightening bolt was a little bonus just for fun.

OhHeyEdited2-15And that’s it!OhHeyEdited1-16

OhHeyEdited1-17 OhHeyEdited1-22 OhHeyEdited1-25Once I had all of the frames I wanted on the mantle, I spray painted a clay pot the same gold and put a succulent in it to add a little pop of color. I added a few more details along the way…

OhHeyEdited1-21 OhHeyEdited1-18 OhHeyEdited1-24 OhHeyEdited1-23

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