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February 27, 2013

I wanted to take a minute to give a nod to a handful of my new favorite blogs! I stumbled upon these blogs while spending hours and hours of surfing the web while at work  at home – it’s kind of an obsession. I, like many other blog fanatics, have several blogs saved on my bookmarks bar, and I am constantly clicking through them periodically throughout the day…errrr…evening…when I am HOME. From work.


Anyway, here are some of my new jams. They are all conceptually different and have totally different styles, but the one thing they have in common is being really awesome:


1//and 2// Abi Porter from Vanilla & Lace – this gal has such an amazing eye for photography – and her style is perfectly simple without ever being boring. I love the clarity and richness of her pictures. Oh, and she is a ginger. So that’s probably why I love her.
3// and 4// Mandi from Vintage Revivals – this lady must be the busiest woman in the blogosphere! She is constantly arranging, rearranging, painting, repainting, covering furniture, making lamps, stenciling walls, painting credenzas… my head was spinning the first time I looked at her work! She has a great eye for design and girl knows how to mix some patterns! And I love so many of her MCM redoes. She’s awesome.
5// Daniel from Manhattan Nest – ok, I LOVE Daniel. I am convinced we would be best friends if we met, because he rugged and not afraid to get his hands dirty while also having impeccable taste that is neither too modern or too classic. It is the perfect, most well balanced mixture of accessories and textiles and colors and designs. And, he does lots of really cool DIY things.
6// and 7// Rebecca Caridad from The Manzanita Blog – OMG I LOVE MANZANITA!!! She takes gorgeous photos, cooks lots of yummy looking food, crochets, and this lady does the most AMAZING DIY TUTORIALS you have ever seen! She has so many great, well executed ideas. The first day I found her blog, I literally wanted to quit my job, run to Hobby Lobby with a massive list, and get to work!

Also, The Bunny is advertising now! In case you didn’t notice =)

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Have a great Wednesday evening!


2 thoughts on “Blog Love <3

    1. thecleverbunny

      Rebecca, you have! I am a huge fan of your blog – I have it on my bookmarks bar and it helps me get through the work week =) So thank you for that! You take the most beautiful photos and I love your style – keep up the good work!



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