DIY: Making a Bench.

March 11, 2013

DSC_1649Over the weekend, I finished the bench that I set out to make! Remember this fabric that I stayed up making on Friday night? Well I had big plans for that fabric. And I followed through on Sunday by making this sweet little mid century modern bench for the foot of our guest bed. I love how it turned out, and now my guests (and Connor and I!!) have an extra spot to put our clothes for the next day, our electronics when we put them down, and place to slide our boots under =) Here’s the How-TO:

Here are the materials you will need-

photo 1 copy

In addition, you will need the fabric of your choosing, attachable legs (I used the MCM pencil ones from this stool that I had lying around), screws and a drill (or, screwdriver).


1// Trace your wood plank onto the foam cushion. (FYI, the measurement for the wood plank was 1 inch thickness, 45 inches long and 12 inches wide).
2// Cut out the foam and trace that piece one more time (I doubled up on the cushion to make the bench a little more “cushy”)
3// After laying the 2 foam pieces on top of the wooden plank, align them neatly and flip it all over on top of thick layer of batting (i folded my batting twice)
4// Start by stapling down the batting. Prepare to use LOTS O STAPLES for this project.
5//6// After stapling down the batting, “trim the fat” or, the excess batting. Having too much bunching can make it difficult for those staples to make it through to the wood when you go to attach your fabric.
7// Once you have it looking about like this, next
8// Lay your fabric piece over the top to fit around the bench.

BenchBeforeEdited19//10//11// Then start stapling your fabric. The corner are always tricky, so I included a few photos of how I fold those corners down.
12// Then, I added some scrap fabric to the bottom to act as a dust cover. Just cut a piece to fit, staple all the way down, then…
13//…trim the fat!
14// It doesn’t look perfect, but it’ll do (this is the part that no one really ever sees.)
15//16// Lastly, add those legs to the bench and you are almost there….

DSC_1661 DSC_1659 DSC_1650 DSC_1655 DSC_1653It will do! What do you think of my new bench?

photo 1-2

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