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March 13, 2013

DestinyWelcome to A Day in the Life, a new series here on The Clever Bunny that will showcase one talented, awesome individual and give us a small peek into what a typical day looks like for them. Our premier subject in this series is Destiny Ellis from Vox Vintage. Destiny sells vintage clothes from her Etsy Store and just recently relocated from Austin, Texas to Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Robert Ellis who is a prominent musician in the country music scene. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Destiny for many years, and have met Robert several times. As individuals, they are talented, stylish and a lot of fun to have several drinks  hang out with. As a couple, they are unstoppable.

Here is a little peek into Destiny’s daily life in Nashville, followed by a little Q&A.

DSC_0002 copy DSC_0025 copy DSC_0009 copyDes and Robert have 3 pups, Ray Price Ellis, Doc Watson Ellis and Pup Mason Ellis. =) She has had the Ridgeback pup (middle photo, with the fancy dress on) since she was 16.

Recently Updated1Destiny upcycled some wooden palettes into these awesome shoe racks. The skirts are hanging on a tree branch she hung from the ceiling above her staircase. You can see her full DIY HERE.  Recently Updated2 Recently Updated photo-4 copy-2

Ain’t she perty?? Seriously! What a total.babe.DSC_0021 copy CSC_0039 copy CSC_0034 copyDestiny and Robert enjoyed a veggie curry at their friend’s home later that night. Any day with curry in it is awesome to me!

Getting to know Destiny:

Me: How would you summarize your style?

Destiny: “Vintage is definitely a big part of me in general; especially 50’s Vogue New Look era dresses and feminine styles. However, I really dislike the full blown kitschy pinup style so I mix the past with the present. I love looking at upcoming fashion trends and new looks for the season but I by no means really follow them. Just like I don’t gun it for the rockabilly look. A good mix of old and new would about sum it up.”

M -What did you want to be when you grew up?

D-“I wanted to be all kinds of things but by the time I hit college I had settled on Music Business/PR. I wanted to be involved in music in any way. I almost went to sound engineering school but it was so expensive! Alas, I married a musician and operate a vintage clothing store on Etsy. I am pretty happy with the way things turned out“.

M -What does a typical night out look like for you and Robert?

D-“Both of us getting dolled up for one another and either going to a show or hitting the usual places…Santa’s, The 5 Spot and, for whatever reason, sometimes end up at the neighborhood gay bar…Purple Heys“.

M-Who in your life has had the biggest impact on your personal style?

D- “I would have to say my mother. I grew up thrifting with my mom never really realizing we did it because we had to and not because it was cool. She taught me that being poor was no reason to look poor. Her and her friends used to by tons of these old, strange floral print, 70’s florescent maxis and cut and hem them in to minis and wear them with brightly colored tights and I just thought they were so pretty. I feel that is from whom I really developed an eye for thrifting. After I graduated high school, and the financial dynamic shifted, she also showed me the difference between a $10 pair of shoes and a $1000 pair of shoes. HUGE. Now, as my own woman, I enjoy mixing thrift store finds with designer duds”.

M-Favorite way to spend a Sunday?

D-“Snuggled up in bed with Robert and our pups watching our favorite show all day long and eating delicious food. To top if off, it would be raining outside! It rains here so much it wouldn’t be unlikely”.

M- Currently listening to what song/artist over and over?

D- “Fleetwood Mac is a long time favorite. I recently set up our bedroom record player and for the past week…Rumors has been the only record I have needed“.

Visit Destiny’s Blog at: Vox Vintage or shop her store at Vox Vintage on Etsy.
Listen to some of Robert Ellis’ music HERE or HERE

Thank you, Des for the guest post!

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