Ready for Spring!

March 24, 2013

DSC_1762It’s spring time! Well…sort of. It’s about 35 degrees outside here in Tulsa, with a chance of snow later this evening. So I decided to put on a spring like outfit in hopes of summoning some warmer weather.
DSC_1753 DSC_1756 DSC_1775 DSC_1763 DSC_1772 DSC_1779We have a little road trip planned for next weekend to Austin, Texas, where the weather is a little warmer. Can’t wait to break out the shorts and sandals!


1//Button Up: Forever 21
2// Sweater: Thrifted
3// Necklace: Forever 21
4// Pants: Zara
5// Espadrilles: Target

Where do you like to shop for your spring wardrobe?

3 thoughts on “Ready for Spring!

  1. Kacey White

    Ok Katy girl, this comment is not about outfits but the CB has totally inspired me to get off my arse and rearrange my home for Spring! I’m in love with my new cozy seating area in my study!


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