Spring Cleaning

April 3, 2013

DSC_1731 DSC_1733 DSC_1734 DSC_1743 DSC_1748 DSC_1747 DSC_1746Connor and I are cleaning out and organizing our garage this weekend. I already did a HUGE clean out of my closet, however last week I reality checked myself and decided that the closet could use one more sweep (baby steps). In the name of practicality (and space), I am going to part with these gems. I bought these shoes from Top Shop and they have been to New Orleans, Tulsa, Houston, and even Alaska. I have fallen in them more than once. They are gorgeous and I love them, but they are those shoes I never wear and hold onto for no pragmatic reason. I know fashion isn’t really a thing of logic, but sometimes you have to know when to let go of things. And since 2013 is The Year of Simple Living for me, I need to start here. Still, I thought I would take them out for one last spin while I tested my new remote wireless shutter for my camera.

Feel free to change my mind…I am on the verge…

What do you think? Keep ’em or toss ’em??

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