April 26, 2013

Welcome to another edition of The Bunny’s Gimme series. This week, I decided to both a home and fashion “gimme”, because I was feeling especially greedy this week. All of these items represent Spring to me, and while Tulsa hasn’t quite gotten the memo yet, I am looking forward to warm weather and lots and lots of green!


gimme21// I have been scouring thrift stores looking for the perfect denim vest, or even a denim jacket that I can make into a vest, much like this one picture on the lovely dark haired gal above from Chalk White Arrow. Sara from CWA has IMPECCABLE taste, takes beautiful photos of delicious food that she cooks, and has amazing hair. I especially love her blog’s series on Dwelling Small where she makes the most out of her small apartment that she and her husband share. Check it out!
2// Jacquard Loom Trousers a la Zara. Oh Zara. How I love thee. You would think my being a little thicker in the middle would lend to looking amazing in pants like this, but the truth is, they don’t flatter my bootay. But I desperately want a pair because they look SOOOOOO COMFY and perfect for spring. With a striped nautical shirt or a faded chambray button up… I am the Goldy Locks of harem-styled pants. One day I will find a pair that is juuuuust right…
3// Nina Z Clogs. I have a clog obsession. I love anything wooden on my feet. And I am even more of a fan now knowing that Nina Z has blog. About clogs. Called The Clog Blog. Yes.


Recently Updated3

1// Urban Outfitters Rug – If you are ever in need of a cheap rug solution other than Ikea, check out UO’s rug section – they have some really fun and affordable selections to choose from. I just ordered this exact one to spruce up my living room a bit – I am hoping it will cure the “too much beige” thing I had going on.
2// Plants, plants, plants!!!!!! I need more…MORE….MOOOOOOOORE!!!!!! Seriously, I can’t get enough. They are the perfect accessory and solution to any decoration conundrum. Need a little color in the room? BAM! Add a plant! Want to hide that ugly crack in the sheet rock near your bed?? POOF! Add a plant! Which brings me to…
3// These awesome hanging planters from Farrah Sit. I’ll take 6, please.
4// I found a few different versions of this adorable tropical pillow that I want on Etsy. I think it will go great in our guest room with all white bedding and the bright yellow bookcase I have in there.

This weekend, I am going to work super hard to market my photobooth at the Spring Carnival of Arts and Crafts so that I can make new clients so that I can make more money so that I can buy all of these things I want =) If you live in Tulsa or any surrounding areas, please come and check it out!

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