Sunday in Sand Springs, OK.

May 23, 2013

untitled-202 untitled-195 untitled-194 untitled-165 untitled-129 untitled-100 untitled-186 untitled-185 untitled-212This past Sunday I traveled 20 mins West of Tulsa to Sand Springs, Oklahoma for my husband Connor’s criterium. For those less familiar with the world of competitive cycling, a criterium is a bicycle race that is usually a shorter course that showcases a cyclist’s more technical skills. My husband happens to be very good at these. Since it had been soooooo long since I had been to one of his races (maybe the first this season? Bad wifey.), I decided to take my camera and a can of Karbach Sympathy for the Lager, and go spectate. Lucky for me, my friend Rebekah, whose husband races on Connor’s team, was there with her adorable children, Isaiah and Addie. I have a few shots of Addie on my photography website, when she was a wee 3 weeks old. She is now a chunky, happy and inquisitive little infant, and I adore her. Isaiah, her big brother, is one of the funniest kids I have ever met. I could write an entire blog post on the amazing parenting skills that Tanner and Rebekah possess, but I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

That afternoon, we were constantly checking our weather apps on our phones because of the impending storms that were rolling in. My heart goes out to Moore, OK and other small towns that were hit by such crazy tornados.

Coming up, I have a home our in the works. Which is big. Because it means I have to actually put my laundry away for once.

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