Homemade Tea Towels.

June 2, 2013

Yesterday, I went to 4 or 5 thrift stores and antique shops in the morning. I was looking for one specific thing, which inevitably, I couldn’t find, so I wondered a little. At each store, I kept being drawn to all of the textiles, specifically any and every tea towel I could find. Isn’t it funny how you become weirdly obsessed with certain things all of the sudden? Anyway, I didn’t end up buying any because I have had this project in my bin for a while now, just never had the motivation to get to it. So I went home, dug out the blank tea towels I had and got to work. Remember that fabric I stamped a while back? I saved those stamps for this very reason.

I decided to use an old paper tube as well. I wanted to stick with the idea of geometric shapes but still make each towel unique.

If I were the type of girl to name the things I make, this particular tea towel would be called “Bubbles”. Hypothetically =)

This stamp, the Swiss Cross-like shape, is one of my new favorites. I made some pillows last weekend with the same pattern.

I would call this towel “Brick House”.

Oh the ol’ triangles. They never get old. This particular towel looks a little insane when it’s all stretched out, but the idea behind it was to have a different design each way that you fold it. See? Sometimes I have good ideas.

These are great to give as housewarming gifts or to new moms to use as burping cloths! And the good news is, they don’t cost a lot to make and are super easy. I put on a good movie (Office Space, incase you were wondering), and stamped away. It was a nice, relaxing break from the epic House Cleaning of 2013 that took place yesterday.

Next time, I might try different designs. Not everyone is a geometrically inclined as I am. I might even spring for a flower…who knows?

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