Tulsa Tuesday: Retro Den

June 25, 2013

Welcome to Retro Den!

I am so excited to share with you my absolute favorite local business here in Tulsa! Retro Den, located at 2735 E. 15th Street in Tulsa, has been my mecca for home decor and inspiration since we moved here a year and a half ago. Everything in the store (aside from a few local made and Ikea pillows) are vintage pieces that were hand picked. Retro Den is incredible and, under new ownership, is expanding their reach not only by increasing their inventory, but by engaging with the community that their lovely store is nestled in.

Store Front

That’s not to say the original owner, Dawn Palke wasn’t an excellent business owner. She handed over some of her amazing inventory to the new owners, with a little help and encouragement as well. Her son Austin ran the store while Dawn traveled all over Illinois visiting estate sales to bring back the goods to Tulsa. Austin was always friendly and helpful, and he even hand delivered the amazing (still in working order) record player/media console to my home.

Ashley and AshleyMeet Ashley Daly (L) and Ashley Palmer (R). I know. As if they weren’t already adorable enough. I had the pleasure of sitting down with these two last Friday at their store. Over a couple St. Germain cocktails (served in MCM Roly Poly glasses, of course), I listened to the story of how they took over Retro Den. Friends since college, Ashley and Ashley used to visit local thrifts stores every weekend, scouring for fun retro finds. Ashley D. enthusiastically told me that Retro Den was a regular stop on her Saturday run every weekend. Ashley P. had told Dawn that she wanted to own a business like Retro Den one day. Coincidentally, after the two college buds began getting serious and drafting a business plan to start a store of their own, Dawn called and told them the Retro Den was for sale (after a short-lived ownership in between by a third party), and the girls went for it. And I am so glad they did. After a couple of months, Ashley and Ashley were able to quit their full time jobs to focus on running their new business full time. The store expanded a while back, moving from a small store front to a much, MUCH larger space next door with more windows and an industrial, warehouse feel. It’s perfect, as are these two ladies.

Ashley Daly

Ashley Daly Ashley Palmer Ashley Palmer

Seriously.These two ladies have it all. Brains. Beauty. Good taste AND sense of humor!

Ashley and Ashley were kind enough to let me take some photos of all of their beautiful inventory. I want it all.

White Cabinet Teal Couch White Table Wood Table LightsAnother thing to love. beyond the obvious EVERYTHING about this store, is the fact that the furniture is reasonably priced. And while most things at RD are from or around the Mid Century Modern era, you will find fun things from other eras as well. There is a little something for everyone.

Table Cloth Glassware Drift Wood table Chaise TypewriterEvery time you turn around, there is another table, couch, lamp or chair that makes you think, “I wish I had five living rooms so that I could fill my whole house with all of these things”.

Driftwood Table Turquoise Sectional MCM Dresser Tables and Chairs DucksUgh. Gimme. Gimme everything, please.

Cowhide rug Store ViewStop by and visit the Ashleys at Retro Den Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm, and they are open until 8 pm on Thursdays. Daly and Palmer have also been throwing occasional cocktail and flash sale parties on Thursdays, as well as participating in a block party last weekend. Check their Facebook page for details on upcoming events, sales and new inventory by clicking HERE. Be sure to follow them!

Ashley & Ashley2

Globe Tape Dispenser!Cheers Ladies!Cheers ladies! Thank you for letting me share your story!

Retro Den
2735 E 15th St
Tulsa, OK 74104
(918) 794-7118

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    1. thecleverbunny

      You should visit! It’s such a fun place! And I have watched a lot of other customers remember certain pieces while I have been in there. They usually have stories that go along with it – “My grandmother had a chair just like this!”. Thanks for reading =)

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