Summer Thrifting and Wrapping up Projects.

July 1, 2013

Ugh. You guys. It was one of those weekends that was hard to say goodbye to. I was able to pack in so many of my favorite activities and still find the time to check a few things off of my To-Do list. Connor and I went out for dinner and drinks Friday night, I ran (mostly walked) with a friend Saturday, went to a few garage sales, enjoyed some pool time with some lady friends, and then Connor took me to a movie Saturday evening. Mostly though, I went to the thrift store on Saturday and found a few fun things. Lately, I seem to be obsessing over plants, any sort of kitchen item that looks like it would belong on a farm in Southern France, and Native American fabrics. Most of these things are new-to-me from the thrift store, and some are things I have had. I like how they are all working together. Below, a few of my weekend finds and projects I finally wrapped up:

ThingsnStuff (3 of 103) ThingsnStuff (5 of 103) ThingsnStuff (11 of 103) ThingsnStuff (37 of 103) ThingsnStuff (57 of 103) ThingsnStuff (64 of 103) ThingsnStuff (69 of 103) ThingsnStuff (71 of 103) ThingsnStuff (78 of 103) ThingsnStuff (80 of 103) ThingsnStuff (82 of 103) ThingsnStuff (87 of 103) ThingsnStuff (88 of 103) ThingsnStuff (96 of 103) photo 1-11 copyFrom top to bottom:

1// This is a thick, almost felt-like blanket I found at Quality Thrift for $3. I can’t decide if I want to sew a tarp to the bottom side and make it a waterproof picnic blanket like THIS ? Or cut the fabric and make pillows like THIS? Or a fun bag like THIS??
2// This striped fabric immediately caught my eye. There are two pieces that are already made into curtains, but since I have soooooo maaannyyyy pillows to make, I might use this fabric for some like THIS instead.
3// Another Native American blanket! I love the colors of the birds! It goes perfectly with the yellow shelf in my guest room.
4// I LOVE French Enamelware. This little colander was still in perfect, usable condition, so I snagged it for $3.
5 & 15// I found this awesome copper mug. My first thought was “Ooooooh! Now I can make proper homemade Gin-Gin Mules!”, until I saw the oxidation inside of the mug. So I threw a few pebbles in the bottom and planted a brand new baby succulent in there.
6 & 8// I finally got around to spray painting this little Eskimo fan I found at Salvation Army months and months ago. You can see the before on my Instagram Page by clicking HERE.
7// I finished up this pillow a few weeks back and I love it on that chair so much I am leaning towards NOT recovering it after all…we shall see.
9,10,12 & 13// In addition to adding a few new plants to my collection, I bought some fresh Eucalyptus and daisies and put them all over the house. Plants on the brain this weekend!
11// My friend brought this little Day of the Dead skull back as a souvenir from Mexico, and I love it. This little guy has lived all over my house, but now he(she?) is taking up prime property on the mantel of our fireplace.
14// This is the cabinet that I bought from Craigslist about a month ago. My plan is to sand it and re-stain it (the stain is so old it has that greenish hue to it), but buying the sand paper is as far as I have gotten on that project. Until I muster the energy, I decided to go ahead and start using it. I am loving the look of it, and the extra kitchen space it frees up!


Oh, and, you might notice my amazing new logo? More on that later =)

For now, click HERE to see more work from the lovely lady who designed my logo, Rebecca Caridad of The Manzanita Blog.

4 thoughts on “Summer Thrifting and Wrapping up Projects.

  1. Carol

    I love the cabinet in which you’re storing some kitchen stuff! Can’t wait to see it painted a funky color!

    1. thecleverbunny

      Thank you! I love it, too – found it on good ole Craig’s List and drove all the way to Skiatook, OK to get it! Totally worth it. I am going to sand/re-stain it and maybe add some white painted details to it. We shall see!!

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