Give Away with The Young Aesthetic

July 6, 2013

The Young Aesthetic3I am so excited to share with you The Young Aesthetic!

Laura Young, a Houston-based interior designer and jewelry maker, is not only an amazing artist, she is my cousin. Laura and I were born 4 days apart, and we both have brothers (she has 4, I have 2), so we instantly assumed the roles of sisters from day one. We spend almost every waking moment together growing up, and Laura’s gifts as a designer were apparent from a very early age.

The Young Aesthetic

Laura makes these beautiful chromatic crystal pendant necklaces. Immediately when I saw them, I knew exactly where she drew her inspiration to make these. When I sent her a message about them, she verified my theory. When we were little, my grandmother had a chandelier in the dining room. My grandfather, perhaps the only man in history to convince his wife to say yes to this, had replaced the dining room table with a pool table. I’m not sure how much he actually got to play pool on it, what with all of his tiny grandchildren climbing on top of it. Laura and I would make our way to the top and reach just high enough to grab the beautiful prism crystals that hung on hooks from her chandelier above the pool table. Over the years, after that pool table was gone, and our grandmother’s house tragically caught fire, somehow we had managed to stash a few of those pendants in our play boxes. We played make believe for years with them.

The Young Aesthetic2I have always been a fan of simple jewelry – I tend to stay away from baubles and anything too “busy”. So these are perfect for me. I picked the clear colored one because it made me nostalgic for those times with my cousin at my grandmother’s house, when we were little and we were best friends. But you can see all of the colors HERE on Laura’s Etsy page (she did some rainbow colored ones for Gay Pride which are super fun!)

untitled (29 of 73) untitled (52 of 73) untitled (67 of 73) untitled (69 of 73)You can win this necklace by simply going to The Young Aesthetic page, looking at all of the pretty jewelry, and sharing your favorite with me, here, in the comments section. If you would rather message me privately, you can email me at The winner will be chosen randomly on Tuesday, July 9th!

Oh, and, I couldn’t end this post without sharing a photo of Laura and I. Remember when I said we were born 4 days apart? Well, as you can imagine, that made for some very tense birthday moments:

imageBe sure to go to TYA’s Facebook page and like it, too!

So proud of you Laura!

8 thoughts on “Give Away with The Young Aesthetic

  1. Cecelia

    I really liked the blue & purple ones! The blue ones reminded me of the ocean and the purple ones reminded me of flowers. I agree with you though! I’m a simple jewelry person too and I like the clear one the best 🙂

  2. Marlene @ Jade and Fern

    Oh my, these are so pretty! What a great giveaway. I love the picture of you and Laura. All the crystals are gorgeous but the black ones are really calling to me.

    P.S. That b&w portrait of you is lovely.


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