Ikea Hack Attack! Making a Pillow

July 7, 2013

About 6 months ago, Connor and I got this runner from Ikea. I love it, but it doesn’t fit the new table Connor made for us. And since I seem to have weird manic episodes where I think pillows should be interchangeable on a weekly basis, I decided to go ahead and feed that impulse and turn this striped table runner into a striped pillow.

Runner Before untitled (23 of 55) untitled (28 of 55) untitled (30 of 55)I need to clarify, for the record, that I am a lazy sewer. I don’t usually sew zippers or piping onto my pillow covers. I just use the ole fashioned sew-it-inside-out-and-handstitch-the-last-edge method. One day, I promise to make a proper pillow . Until then, for those of you that wonder (and you know who YOU are!!!), Here is the “secret stitch”. I like to keep the secret stitch on the bottom side of the pillow so no one will see it. There. Now you know everything.

untitled (35 of 55)I decided to throw this guy on our bed, since my past attempts to cover our bed in throw pillows has resulted in a pile of throw pillows collecting dust in the corner of the room. One should be easy to keep up with.

untitled (52 of 55) untitled (44 of 55) untitled (39 of 55) untitled (55 of 55)

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