Happy Friday.

July 12, 2013

I could not have been more ready for Friday. This weekend, we don’t have a whole lot planned, which as you remember, is kind of my jam. These kinds of weekends are usually when I hit creative highs, get a lot of cleaning done, and generally just veg out. The next month following, every weekend is jam packed with activities – fun ones – but activities nonetheless. So I will be sure to soak up every unplanned minute over the next 48 hours. Until then, here a few weekend highlights I hope to partake in:

image image image imageFrom top:

1&2//These were a few shots from my run yesterday at The Riverparks on Riverside here in Tulsa. If you are ever in Tulsa, this is a great place to visit. They have a little of everything – paved bike and pedestrian trails, a pedestrian bridge that stretches all the way across the Arkansas River (a great spot to take photos!), a water park for the kids to cool off, par courses, disc golf courses, live music. On the west side of the river is the more hilly, tree covered part, with beautiful trails for running, hiking or mountain bike riding, including Turkey Mountain, which has a super beautiful view of the city.

3// I really want my back yard to be a place where Connor and I can have dinners and happy hour. It needs a little sprucing up, which is a project on the list I want to check off when we have a little extra money. Until then, stringing these awesome bulb lights from Target has made a huge difference, and Connor and I have had a couple of romantical cocktail hours in the backyard.

4// Long story short, I broke the french press, so we decided to go with a Chem-Ex, and we love it. It makes a much smoother cup of coffee than the french press did. I am no chemist, but I imagine the difference is that the coffee itself isn’t actually steeping in a Chem-Ex the way it does with a french press?? I like both methods, but it’s nice to try something new.

I would love to hear about your weekend plans in the comments section!

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday.

  1. Mandy Gross

    We’ve been experimenting with new coffee making methods too. We usually use an aeropress (which we love) but we just got a pour over brewer and I’m excited to try it. Chemex will probably be next up on our coffee making adventure.

    1. thecleverbunny

      We have an aeropress, too! Love that one as well, but for more than one cup of coffee, we usually use the Chem-Ex. I highly recommend! We also have a Nespresso machine which we love. We are coffee people!


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