Vintage Clothing for sale.

July 14, 2013

Vintage Clothing for SaleIn a never ending effort to simplify and downsize, I am letting go of a few beloved vintage items. These six items shown above are listed for sale on The Clever Bunny Etsy Store (<—incase the glaring hyperlink isn’t obvious, click there to get to the store!)

To all prospective buyers, I am 5 feet 10 inches tall, and a size 8 to 10. All of these items fit me, but as vintage items go, they fit many sizes other than mine both bigger and smaller (I have verified this by having a few girlfriends try them on). I added some approximate measurements to the listings for those more weary.

I love the summery-ness of all of these pieces! Flowers and plaid and green and blue! Are you noticing a trend?

None of these items have been worn more than once (at least by me), which is why I am letting them go. This is a sign of being a grown up, right? Or if you love something, let it go? Or some other cliche maybe? I dunno.

Either way – I hope to send these pieces of history off to a loving home, if any of you will have them. I will also be adding a fair amount of (awesome) non-vintage shoes and clothes to my eBay Store soon, so stay tuned for that.

Clothes4Sale!!! Clothes4Sale (12 of 33) Clothes4Sale (17 of 33) Clothes4Sale (21 of 33) Clothes4Sale (25 of 33) Clothes4Sale (33 of 33)

Happy shopping!

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