Mid Century Heaven: A Tulsa Modern Home Tour.

July 16, 2013

Mid Century home exterior Do you remember how in virtually every Disney movie ever made, the protagonist in the story sings a heart wrenching song about how one day, one day they will be a real boy/part of your world/see all of the colors of the wind? How in that moment, all they could do was sing about how badly they wanted all of their dreams to come true? Well, if you took all of those songs, and multiplied that sentiment by 1000, that would be how I felt when I walked into this beautiful modern home for sale in Tulsa. One day I will have my dream home, and it will look like this.

The ladies over at Retro Den styled the home for its open house this Thursday. If you remember from my previous post about these ladies, you will recall that they are very involved in their community. Their recent effort involves this home that is for sale, and is nestled in the more traditional neighborhood of Mapleridge in central Tulsa. The Tulsa Foundation for Architecture created Modern Tulsa, an organization that helps to illuminate the beautiful modern homes and commercial buildings Tulsa has to offer. In an effort to save this piece of history, Modern Tulsa Mod of the Moment is happening, in hopes that someone will buy this gorgeous home before it gets demolished.

It would be such a shame if it was torn down. The realtor gave me a short history lesson on the home – built by Rabbi Kahn and his wife Miriam. Much of the furnishings and original features are completely in tact, which is rare for such a state of the art MCM home. For the full story on this house, CLICK HERE to go to the Modern Tulsa page. The open house event is free this Thursday from 4 to 7 PM at 1901 South Owasso Ave., right at the corner of 19th and Owasso.

The ladies at Retro Den were kind enough to give me first glimpse today. The furnishings in these photos belong to the home’s original owner. All accessories are styled by The Retro Den Tulsa.

MidCentury homeThe first thing I saw when I walked in was this gorgeous white tulip table and these AMAZING Bertoia wire chairs with leather padding. The realtor says Miriam kept all the original ordering brochures for the furniture.

19th&Owasso (12 of 98) 19th&Owasso (14 of 98) 19th&Owasso (15 of 98) 19th&Owasso (19 of 98) 19th&Owasso (20 of 98)The living room was big and open with this gorgeous fireplace and lots of windows. In the foyer is a large built in coat closet – I imagine the Rabbi and his wife entertained quite a bit, as most people did in those days.

19th&Owasso (24 of 98)I love the contrast between the large scale glass and the flagstone. All over the house!

19th&Owasso (28 of 98)Do not be fooled by these “walls” to the right, for they are not walls; Behold the illusive hidden closets. Floor to ceiling closets, that are perfectly hidden by this stained panelling. Seriously.

19th&Owasso (47 of 98) 19th&Owasso (53 of 98) 19th&Owasso (66 of 98)Both bathrooms still had the original tiling, which was so fun and surprising. And Miriam’s dressing room was quite impressive.

19th&Owasso (74 of 98) 19th&Owasso (76 of 98)This room was right off the kitchen, and it maintained a very casual feel. I imagine this is where they watched tv or played with the kids when they were little.

19th&Owasso (79 of 98) 19th&Owasso (80 of 98)And these chairs. I mean. Have you ever?!?!

Oh, and, I saw a bunny in the yard across the street. Of course.

19th&Owasso (97 of 98)I wanted to take this as a sign, and the Disney in me wanted to run to the bank, apply for a loan and take that amazing piece of history right off the market. Sadly, it isn’t our time to buy, but it can be someone else’s.

Don’t miss this free event!

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  1. Mandy Gross

    I feel the exact same way about having my dream house someday! I love this house! Also, so glad I found your blog! I live just outside of Tulsa so I always love finding Tulsa bloggers! 🙂


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