The Ozarks, Part 2: The Promised Land Zoo.

July 25, 2013

Drive to Blanchard Springs (17 of 71)Our road trip to The Ozarks would not have been complete without animals. ALL the animals. The Promised Land Zoo is in Eagle Rock, Missouri, literally right over the Arkansas/Missouri state line. It was about a 20 minute drive from Eureka Springs, and on the way, we stopped to say hi to some horses on the side of the road. The horses were not so sure about us. But we had the apples. Turns out apples make you likable.

Drive to Blanchard Springs (29 of 71) Drive to Blanchard Springs (20 of 71) Drive to Blanchard Springs (39 of 71) Drive to Blanchard Springs (38 of 71)When we arrived to Promised Land, we were greeted by a very matter-of-fact lady who sold us a bucket of animal treats. She explained that there was a 4 mile dirt road that winds along the zoo’s pastures that we were to drive, and that the animals roam free. When we asked her if the animals would come up to our car, she assured us they would, and to be careful because they “just want to rob” us of our treats. We had no idea how right she was! It was exhilarating, terrifying, hysterical and completely magical to come so close to these animals. I was able to look right into the eyes of llamas, emus, camels, deer, buffalo…it was incredible. And the animals were more than friendly – a few managed to get their heads all the way in to the car.

image image image image

I highly recommend this place! A lot of the animals here are endangered, and it’s really awesome to see them all roaming free and intermingling.

Be sure to wear bug spray! Wild animals are great but they attract lots of different species of creepy crawlies (i.e. ticks! Always be careful of them when you are around deer!)

Tomorrow, the last part of our trip! It involved something I have never done before…

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