Bathroom Details.

August 20, 2013

Bathroom FlowersI have been photographing different rooms in my house lately and realized that I never take pictures in the bathroom. I guess, in my mind, a bathroom is a place that shouldn’t be photographed, because it doesn’t seem like a place you really, well, share with people. But really, the bathroom is the place where I get clean, where I get ready for my day, and where Connor and I have amazing conversations with toothpaste in our mouths. We have all had those.

Also, I happen to like my bathroom, all of the little details in it, and weirdly, the lighting is amazing.

untitled (5 of 28) untitled (6 of 28) untitled (7 of 28)I like keeping fresh plants in the bathroom.

untitled (12 of 28) untitled (13 of 28)A rock from a piece of slate from a hike in Seward, Alaska on Marathon Mountain. And a shell from a beach in Carlsbad from our honeymoon there.

untitled (20 of 28)I got this beaver tail shaving brush for Connor when I was in New Orleans from Aidan Gill on Magazine Street.

untitled (27 of 28)Wide mouth Mason Jars. As far as I am concerned, they will never go out of style.

3 thoughts on “Bathroom Details.

  1. Marlene @ Jade and Fern

    Beautiful details! You have such a great eye. And I would kill for just ONE room in our apartment that gets amazing light. We are sadly very light deprived in our place (a frustrating state of being for a photography grad).

    1. thecleverbunny

      Thank you so much!! It’s funny, because I have a few criteria for rentals, and good lighting is one of them. I have passed up on perfectly decent houses/apartments because it was too shaded or didn’t have enough windows. This all because I have lived in a dark apartment before, and I realized how much I hated it only after the fact.


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