I’m Dreaming of a White Kitchen.

August 21, 2013

The TavernI took this photo in the kitchen of The Tavern, a really lovely restaurant here in Tulsa that I had the pleasure of working at for a few months before I found the job I have now. I have been dreaming (literally, to the point of having actual dreams) of buying a house. And although the “when” and “where” of buying a house is uncertain, there is one thing I am SURE of: I will have subway tile with black grout in my kitchen. This, I know.

The Tavern hosts chef’s table dinners in this beautiful storefront kitchen – you can see the talent working hard from the street as you pass by. And the food is amazing. Get the burger and the asparagus salad. And the pastry chef here, David, is among the best I have ever known (his peach cobbler made with local peaches and topped with a strudel – there are no words).

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