Small Changes: The Medicine Cabinet.

September 1, 2013

So I debated on whether to share this post, because it would mean showing you all a pretty gross secret- our medicine cabinet. We live in a house that was built in the 1920’s, and I’m pretty sure this medicine cabinet was installed shortly after that. If we owned this place, it probably would have been the first thing to go, but since we don’t, I had to cleverly disguise it.

Here is the before:

untitled (12 of 72)

I know – it’s pretty gnarly. I’m sorry to subject you to this imagery, but, just like every good story, it is crucial to the outcome. After I removed everything from the cabinet, I gave it a good bleach cleaning. I was at Target yesterday when I picked up some plain white adhesive contact paper for about $5. I wanted to add a really subtle design to it, just to make it a little more interesting.

untitled (15 of 72) untitled (16 of 72) untitled (17 of 72)I grabbed a measuring tape, a ruler and a silver Sharpie. I added some simple horizontal lines to the white contact paper.

untitled (18 of 72)Totally and completely imperfect, just like most of my projects =) I measured a little outside of my medicine cabinet so that I could use an Exacto Knife to trim it.

untitled (22 of 72) untitled (24 of 72)I pulled the adhesive backing off, stuck it inside the cabinet, and trimmed the excess off. Then I used a little white paint to touch up the outside border of the cabinet to match the new white paper.

untitled (28 of 72) untitled (34 of 72) untitled (44 of 72)It’s not new and shiny, and it definitely isn’t perfect, but I would say it is a vast improvement, wouldn’t you?

Medicine CabinetSmoothie

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