Billy Balls.

September 8, 2013

Billy BallsYou read that right. Billy Balls. That’s what these are called. Technically, these precious yellow pollen poms are called Craspedia. And they are my favorite. I buy fresh flowers every week, and these always last beyond my weekly trip. Also, they are cheap. I like to dry them out so that I can have them for as long as possible. Right now, this bundle is hanging in my dining room, brightening things up in there.

untitled (30 of 73) Twine I always have some twine lying around – it comes in useful for so many things. 

untitled (102 of 142) untitled (31 of 73) untitled (103 of 142) untitled (104 of 142)I know I say this a lot, but, it’s the simple things in life.


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