Tulsa Tuesday: Bison & Bear

October 29, 2013

Bison&Bear SignageI’m so excited to share with you another of my favorite local shops in Tulsa, Bison and Bear! Recently relocated from the Philcade building to the incredible Philtower building just around the corner, Bison and Bear has a new store front right in the middle of Tulsa’s beautiful Deco District downtown.

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You might have picked up from the incredibly masculine name that this store is geared toward men, selling men’s clothing, product lines. But don’t be fooled! They have plenty of stuff for the ladies, too! In fact, one of the shop owner’s goals in expanding their location was to bring in more merchandise for their strong female clientele. In addition to women’s clothing, you can find vintage accessories and an amazing selection of home goods, as well.

Wooden Bowls

Shane Hood and Joel Hitsman make an incredible team – Shane is an architect who is a self-admitted “design addict” who loves American-made goods and all things mid century modern. I met Shane when I took pictures for the Mod of the Moment event a few months ago. In fact, Shane is on the board of the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture, a non profit that focuses on the preservation of historical architecture in T-Town. Joel Hitsman is the Co-Founder of Hitsman Ties, a brand of designer ties and bowties that have been featured in GQ. Hitsman is also the original owner of Bison and Bear when he started it as a pop-up shop.

Walking through this store is kind of like walking around a museum – not that everything is old, necessarily, but that every item seems to be hand picked and curated. It’s hard to know where to begin – with Mollyjogger blankets and Doug Johnston baskets, to vintage safety razors and shaving products, Chemex coffee makers, to hand forged knifes and hand made wallets, to vintage southwestern textiles-this store really has everything.

untitled (188 of 243) untitled (186 of 243)untitled (190 of 243) untitled (196 of 243)

untitled (197 of 243) untitled (203 of 243) untitled (205 of 243)My husband came with me when I stopped by on Saturday to get some photos and he purchased one of these razors. Bison and Bear sells the blades to go with them, separately.

untitled (179 of 243) untitled (173 of 243) untitled (156 of 243)This is a great place to go for your bearded fellow! Shane wears a pretty impressive beard himself, so I assume he has tested most if not all of these products at some point!

untitled (137 of 243) untitled (144 of 243) untitled (147 of 243)I love the use of pegboard on the walls – Shane and Joel did a great job with the industrial feel of this shop.

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One of my favorite items in the shop right now are these hand made knifes forged from rebar by a local Tulsan named Sam Martin. untitled (131 of 243) untitled (130 of 243) untitled (133 of 243)There are some really cool women’s items to choose from- lots of vintage bags and jewelry and also these amazing Tradlands button ups, made especially for women by a really cool woman:

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This is the perfect shop for gifts for men and women alike, and with Christmas around the corner, I’m sure that you already have your holiday wheels spinning! Be sure to stop by Bison and Bear and say hi at:

Bison & Bear
427 South Boston
Tulsa, OK 74103

11 am to 7 pm

And be sure to stop by and give them a like on Facebook where you can also get updates on new items they are carrying.
Bison & Bear Facebook

Thanks to Shane and Joel at Bison & Bear!

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