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November 6, 2013

untitled (3 of 55)Back in June, three of my best girlfriends pitched in and got me this AMAZING leather weekender made by Stash Co. To try to describe the incredible texture of this leather is difficult – it is so dreamy. All of the pieces are perfectly stitched together, and I was told that over time, the stain of this leather will change. This bag is made for longevity – it is something I know I will have for the rest of my life, and will pass down to my children.

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Cheryl Schulke runs her magic bag making studio out of an old mattress factory in Sealy, Texas, a small town I grew up camping in often. Cheryl’s dad nicknamed her “Stash” at a young age because she was always hiding things. Which is adorable and perfect.

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One of my lady friends who pitched in for this gift is Grace, who is co-owner of the amazing Do or Dye Texas Salon  (you might have seen them featured on A Beautiful Mess here!) with Brandi from Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno. The second half of MMBB is Brandi’s sister Kelly, who works at Stash. While not helping to run a successful blog and work at an amazing brand, Kelly has pioneered a project called The Pinpoint Method where she will travel all over to cities to expose designers and artists in unexpected places. All that to say, all of these ladies (and gents!) are doing incredible things, and I am lucky to know them! Also, that was some shameless name-dropping. So sue me 😉

Back to this bag. Ugh. It’s seriously my favorite thing ever. It’s perfect for lugging my camera and regular purse items or for a weekend trip. And I’m not gonna lie, the thought of turning this into the world’s coolest diaper bag has crossed my mind. This was me receiving the bag as a gift:

imageSee that? See that pure joy and excitement?! Also, my gorgeous friend Robin photobombing this photo.

Stash offers a wide array of bags including canvas and raw leather (I want this, this, and this). as well as leather aprons and camera straps. (Oh, and this!)

Just when you thought Stash couldn’t get any cooler – Cheryl and her husband host a number of musicians at their studio and open up their place for intimate concerts. For more info on new products and upcoming events, follow Stash Co. on Facebook by clicking here.

And of course, thank you to Grace, Lindsey and Susan for this amazing and timeless gift. I will cherish it (and you!) forever.

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