Baby Cartland: Update!

November 22, 2013

Hello friends! And Happy Friday! I wanted to take a quick second to update those of you who are probably wondering when all the baby talk stuff will happen. As I mentioned in my pregnancy announcement post, I have been trying to figure out a balance here on The Clever Bunny, specifically regarding how much of my pregnancy I want to share. My fear is that I will alienate those readers who don’t come here to ooooh and aaaah over my baby details, which I absolutely don’t want to do. On the other hand, I want to gush a little here and there, and hopefully attract new mommy or soon-to-be mommy readers who love to gush along with me. So balance is key. Ultimately, reading about other women’s pregnancy and birth experiences has been so helpful and comforting, I decided I could at least do as much to offer a little pregnancy wisdom (?) out into the internet world. So here we go – an update on Baby Cartland!

I am currently 17 weeks along! Time has flown, although I remember feeling like 9 months would be an eternity to meet my baby. We found out we were pregnant at around 4 and a half weeks.

imageI took a total of 6 pregnancy tests after our initial positive test – I couldn’t believe my eyes! Each one was positive, and we were so excited! Once the doctor confirmed the pregnancy a week later, we got really REALLY excited.

After our first sonogram, I felt like my life had changed forever – hearing the heartbeat and seeing the flickering heartbeat on that screen has lingered in my head as the most special moment in my life to date. I love this baby so much already.

After about 8 weeks, we felt comfortable sharing the news with our close friends and family. We waited to share with everyone else until around 12 weeks, which is what most recommend. I think you should do what makes you feel most comfortable! Everyone has been so happy and supportive. We even got a treat from some friends of ours:

imageI ate several.

I started taking photos of my belly around 11 weeks. I didn’t really start to show until about 12 weeks. The first few weeks are really just stomach bloating, which is oh-so-pleasant.

imageSome symptoms I have felt leading up to week 17 are:

– nausea (no actual “sickness”, but rather a general nauseated feeling from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep)
– EXTREME sleepiness – daily naps got me through the first trimester
– Oh-my-gawd-the-heartburn. Seriously, acid reflux with a VENGEANCE.
– Frequent urination.
– Allergy-like symptoms – I have read this is from increased blood flow – it causes your mucous membranes to swell
– Chapped lips – I believe this is from all the stuffiness while sleeping
– Mild cramping – these are apparently “stretching pains”. I felt them most in the first trimester, but they have tapered off recently. I am sure they will be back when I really start to get big.
– Emotions! – All the sads, you guys. Fo real. This is a real thing. I have never been a real big cryer in the past, but everything makes me emotional these days. Not just sad things. All the happy things, too!
– Hungry! This is constant, especially now that I am not nauseous all the time.
– Shooting pains in various locations – this is a mystery, but my doctor assures me that it’s normal.
– Sore breasts – common in most pregnancies I think
– Back pain – I even had a spasm in my back that woke me from my sleep. And a pulled muscle in my rib cage.
– Skin glow – this is a real thing, too! One of the perks of pregnancy. Increased blood flow and hormones help to make your skin look all glowy.
– Nosebleeds – that increased blood flow thing again. It has to go somewhere!
– Thick and fast growing hair and nails – I’m really loving this symptom! The prenatal vitamins and hormones help with these.
– A general feeling of complete bliss – sorry to be mushy, but it’s true. 90% of the time, I feel so happy and excited. Even Connor has commented on how happy I seem.

I share these details not to gross you out or frighten you away from the prospect of pregnancy, but to let you know that, yes, that weird thing that is happening to you in your pregnancy is most likely a normal sign. Of course it always a good idea to consult with your doctor if you feel worried about anything.

I am using the Web MD Pregnancy App as well as the What To Expect App. They give weekly and daily updates on yours and the baby’s development.

Also highly HIGHLY recommended is the Bumpnest! My sleeping got really difficult right around week 10, so I ordered this guy early and I LOVE it. It’s shaped like a big candy cane made out of angel kisses =) It offers support between your legs, for your belly and for your back. Do it.


I will update more soon. Until then, I have two projects and 3 photo shoots to share with you! We will get there. Bear with me =)

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